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DVD Studio Pro used to be DVD Maestro from Discreet, but I was thinking since Apple bought it long ago, it would have a forum.  I searched for DVD and DVDSP and only came up with this forum. 


If anybody in here uses DVDSP and if you know the solution I would appreciate help with this.


Upon building this, I did lower the bit rate to a lower size after getting the error message.


As of now I have the BR between 4.2 and 5.2 as the max br. 


I'm concerned if I lower it anymore it will start looking like a pixelated mess.  Does anybody know how low you can take the rate and still have a good looking project?


The project was taped in HDV.  However I encoded it using compressor so I don't think it's an HD file anymore that DVDSP can't read. In the settings you'll see "SD". 


I'm using DVD Studio Pro 4.


The settings I used for compressor were:



Name: MPEG-2 6.2Mbps 2-pass

Description: Fits up to 90 minutes of video with Dolby Digital audio at 192 Kbps or 60 minutes with AIFF audio on a DVD-5

File Extension: m2v

Estimated size: 2.79 GB/hour of source

Type: MPEG-2 video elementary stream

          Usage:SD DVD

Video Encoder

          Format: M2V

          Width and Height: Automatic

                    Selected: 720 x 480

          Pixel aspect ratio: NTSC CCIR 601/DV (16:9)

          Crop: None

          Padding: None

          Frame rate: (100% of source)

                    Selected: 29.97

          Frame Controls Automatically selected:

                    Retiming: (Fast) Nearest Frame

                    Resize Filter: Linear Filter

                    Deinterlace Filter: Fast (Line Averaging)

                    Adaptive Details: On

                    Antialias: 0

                    Detail Level: 0

                    Field Output: Same as Source

          Start timecode from source

          Aspect ratio: Automatic

                    Selected 16:9

          Field dominance: Automatic:

                     Selected Progressive

          Average bit rate: 6.2 (Mbps)

          2 Pass VBR enabled

                    Maximum bit rate: 7.7 (Mbps)

          High quality

          Best motion estimation

          Closed GOP Size: 15, Structure: IBBP

          DVD Studio Pro meta-data enabled



Name: AIFF 48:16

Description: 48kHz, 16-bit AIFF stereo audio

File Extension: aiff

Estimated size: unknown

Audio Encoder

          16-bit Integer (Big Endian), Stereo (L R), 48.000 kHz



Error message from DVDSP


Starting DVD Build BIG_DADDY_DVD...

Compiler Initializing...

Precompiling Project BIG_DADDY_DVD

Compiling VMG Information...

Created 8 PGCs in VTSM1

Created 8 PGCs in VMG.

1 Menu(s) will be created...

Compiling Menu PGCs...

Compiling Menu#1 (Menu 1)...

Rendering Menu:Menu 1,Language:1...

Generating Transition: VTSM #01, VOB #1...


1 VTSs and 1 Titles will be created...

Compiling VTS#1 (Big Daddy compress video)...

Muxing VTS_01_1.VOB

tmp.tiffVideo Bitrate Too High


Build cancelled

tmp_1.tiffBuilding was not successful. See log.



I tried the same project in IDVD and it worked like a charm the first time

Dual 2.5 GHz PowerPC G5, Mac OS X (10.3.9)