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I have created a  few projects in the iMovie app on my iPad 2, but I'm unable to figure out how to WATCH these videos on my PC, without having to upload to a 3rd party website (Youtube, Facebook, etc.), and then download it from there. Is there a program, or process, that I'm missing?!?

iMovie (iOS), iOS 4.3.2
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    Hi there, and welcome to Apple Support Communities! You've joined at a good time, straight after an excellent overhaul!


    Just export to iTunes in the app, and then, when your iPad is connected, go to the 'apps' tab, scroll down to file sharing, find iMovie, and save teh relevent video!


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    Depends on how big they are.  Obviously, you probably can't email them.  Some you can, and I have, but most get too big.  You can use MobileMe which is what I do.  It compresses the movie for me and then I can load to my account and view on PC, or any PC, iPhone, iPod, etc... anytime I want.  Great product in my opinion.


    The biggest problem with the movies is just typically the size.  I'd also suggest doing a Bing or Google search on the subject.  People are always coming up with ways, new software, apps and such and you might get a faster answer then here on the forums.



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    Unfortunately, the file format when I got throught that process is *.iMovieMobile, which isn't usable on my PC.


    Is there a way to create a new format that I am missing? I'm looking for any movie file that can be played through a media player (avi, mpg, mp4, wmv, xdiv, etc)?

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    File size isn't my problem, but I see your point. However, I haven't found a way to "finalize" my project to a file format that I CAN e-mail it to myself. How do you do that?

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    OK, I figured it out! I wish this was better explained in the help section of iMovie.


    On the main menu, click on the share button (3rd on on the bottom), and choose to Share Movie to Camera Roll. Choose your size, and then it will be accessible the same way you access your pictures on your PC!

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    Sorry about that. I thought, when exporting to iTunes, there would be an option to export in a choice of formats, but obviously not.


    If you can, try exporting to your camera roll. You can then access this on your PC (just through Explorer I think), you should be able to copy the file and play it in Quicktime player or iTunes.


    You can find out how on the iPhone version below, however the process is very similar for iPad. It should be in the same place as the export to iTunes option anyway.

    Exporting movies from iMovie on iOS