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Is there a way to send the FaceTime image to my AppleTV so I can use the bigscreen TV instead of the iPad screen?

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    The problem with that is you would no longer be looking at the camera. The person on the other end is not going to enjoy that.

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    My question was does it work technically not about how you may perceive it's utility. I think there are many ways to use the FaceTime functionality in combination with AirPlay that would be very useful.

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    And I started with saying No. It is not possible.

  • Matthew Smith Level 5 (6,790 points)

    You could do it with a Mac using the TV as a display.

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    I'm sure you're aware of the iOS 5 features which includes AirPlay mirroring for the iPad2 (guess not for 1). I'm looking forward to Facetime with the TV.

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    Matthew Smith wrote:




    The problem with that is you would no longer be looking at the camera. The person on the other end is not going to enjoy that.

    You don't seem to understand his question.  He would still be using the camera on the iPad to send his image to the other party, but the incoming video and audio would be streamed through the AppleTV.  I think the main reason is because the audio level on the iPad is terrible, especially when there is background noise, like others talking in the same room.  Since it is already possible to stream movies and other video from an iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad to the AppleTV, perhaps iOS 5 will extend the capability to FaceTime.

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    Yes you can.  The other response are absolutely wrong about facetime not being able to mirror to Apple TV.  I just tried it and it worked perferctly, both from my iPad 2 and iPhone 4S.  I was thinking that it wouldn't since video cannot be mirrored to Apple TV, but all my other Apps works great with mirroring, so I was hoping facetime would work as well.  I tried it several times and it worked like a charm.  I now have three ways to use my large flat screen HDTV to do video chat.  One is to use facetime on iPad 2 or iPhone 4S along with Apple TV.  Second is to use Skype on iPad 2 or iPhone 4S with Apple TV.  And lastly, which has best video but audio is not as good because location of Logitech webcam is so far away.  This third way of video calling through a big flat screen tv is to use a Mac mini or any other apple computer that can be connected to your tv along with Logitech HD webcam to make video calls.  The first two ways have the best audio for the other party to hear you, since the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S is right in your hands, therefore the mic is only a foot or two away, but video from both devices is not as good as the Logitech C910 HD webcam.  As for audio from the person you are chating with, it sounds awesome for all three ways if you have your tv connected to a home theater system.  Hope this help answer your question.

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    I can also  confirm that it technically works.  Turn on mirroring.  But it is putting a lot of stress on the processor, and the wifi system.  On my unit, it works, but not always very well.

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    Airplay mirroring works like a charm

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    Interesting, since my AppleTV does not mirror audio when I'm using FaceTime on a macbook pro. (video is fine) Are you using an iOS device perhaps?