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We are a school with a networked environment that includes about 40 Macbook Pros and 60 iMacs. Included in there are several eMacs and PCs. Over the past several weeks, our HP Color LaserJet 2600n printers have begun to exhibit printing where rather than the normal color printing, there appears to be added black toner on the print jobs. The PCs and eMacs are not exhibiting this problem at all, thus I eliminated the fuser possibility. I looked more at a potential driver issue.


These 2600n printers are shared out to the MBPs and iMacs via Workgroup Manager. They connect to these printers via Bonjour for printing. We do have an 802.11n wifi network with multiple SSIDs but no matter if it is cnonected over SSID or over wired gigabit ethernet, the problem still exists.


I tried printing via IP address, but the computers would not readily recognize the printers during setup, and when I manually selected the driver, the computers could not connect to the printer.


So, I am trying to figure out why all of a sudden these print jobs are exihibing severe color issues.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.7)
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