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I have an iPad running 4.2.1 and iTunes 10.2.1 on my computer (OS 10.6.3)


My iPad does not show up in iTunes. I've tried most of the suggestions: reboot, different usb port, etc. The other option is to uninstall and reinstall iTunes. But I'm on a wireless connection with my computer and sometimes downloads take so long that the Software Update site times out.  iTunes is over 187 megs.


Before I try this, does anyone know if the iPad 4.2.1 is the issue?  I've seen other questions here about this, but no reason why this occurs.



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    Since re-installing iTunes is a hassle for you, try the following first:


    1. Make sure you are looking in the correct place for your device. It will be on the left side of the screen listed under devices. Give it at least 60 seconds as timed by a watch or other time keeping device to make sure the problem is not a slow connection.
    2. Check your iTunes settings. Under preferences -> devices, make sure that the line "prevent <iDevices> from automatically syncing" is not checked.
    3. Take your iPad and cable to another computer and connect it.
    4. If the other computer recognizes the iPad (no need to sync, you can cancel that out) you may have defective USB drivers/ports or a corruption in iTunes.
    5. If your computer recognizes other devices plugged into those ports, the problem is likely with iTunes.
    6. If the other computer does not recognize the iPad, you may have a defective cable or a problem with the iPad - take it to the Apple store for assistance.
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    Thanks for replying.


    The device defeinitely does not show up. I've used Sync before (but before I updated iTunes). I waited quite a while to see if it would appear, still nothing. The USB ports I tried do work OK with my printer, etc., so that's not it.


    Tried it in a friend's MacBook (also running 0S 10.6 and iTunes 10) and it does show up OK.   So I guess it must be an iTunes issue. I'll hve to uninstall (which I've never done before!) and download the new version. Wish me luck . . .  I may not do it right away. Our local library has faster high speed, so even though it means carting my desktop there, it may be the only answer.


    Also - just remembered that yesterday when I was playing an iTunes playlist, the app was acting strangely. I had the visualizer on, and when I wanted to stop the music, it would not respond - just kept playing. I  had to wait until the playlist was over before I could even quit. Sounds like iTunes issues for sure.

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    I wonder if you can download iTunes to a flash drive at your local library then download it to your home computer. It would certainly be easier than lugging your desktop. Perhaps someone else will have the answer.

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    There is still one more option other than a reinstall of iTunes.


    Have you considered updating SL to 10.6.7 which is the most current version? I recently upgraded from OSX 10.5.8 on my MacBook to SL 10.6.3 using the install disk that came the Mac Boxed Set (included iWork '09 and iLife '11) and experienced the same problem as you.


    When I first tried to sync my iPad with the new OS (10.6.3), iTunes would not recognize the device. I had been using the iPad for 6 months without a single issue while running 10.5.8. so I was somewhat bummed. (I performed a Time Machine Backup prior to installing SL just in case)


    I rebooted both devices and still no luck. As I was fiddling around try to figure out what to do, Software Update popped up as there were further updates to the SL software. I decided I had nothing to lose so I updated all the way to 10.6.7, rebooted both devices and the iPad was recognized in iTunes just as it should be.


    My point is with 10.6.3 I could not get iTunes to recognize my iPad. Once I updated all the way to 10.6.7 all was right with the Apple World again.


    Quick addition - iOS 4.3.3 is now out so you can update the iPad as well once you get this resolved. There is also a further update to iTunes - 10.2.2.


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    I will definitely try updating SL. I tried from home a week ago and after two hours downloading, the Software Update apparently timed out and I got an error. I'll take the computer to the library to do the upgrade, since it's over 1 gig. It's not that huge a problem to take it there - just annoying. But I upgraded it there before when I had to and it worked fine.


    Thanks, Demo - your problem sounds just like mine, so hope this will work.  I'll keep you posted.

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    Believe me I was a little perturbed when I first upgraded from 10.5.8 to 10.6.3 and the iPad wasn't recognized. I had used the iPad flawlessly for months and then that issue popped up. I remembered reading in a couple of other threads where the most recent upgrade was suggested to resolve this, so when Software Update opened, I figured - what the heck.


    I had just backed up with Time machine and had another support article handy in case I needed to "downgrade" back to 10.5.8, but all was fine after I installed all the way.


    If you can, backup before you upgrade all the way to 10.6.7. Best of Luck!

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    Well, still no luck on this. We upgraded out internet connection, and I downloaded the Mac update, so I'm now using 10.6.8.  But iTunes is still not seeing the iPad, which is using 4.2.1. Anyone else have this issue or know how to fix it?

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    There are updates available to iTunes 10.3.1 and the iOS 4.3.3 software which might be the next things you may want to try.


    I'm not sure how you upgraded your Internet connection but there may be firmware updates for your router. I assume that you have tried the basic reboot the router and the iPad, Go to Settings on the iPad - reset Network Settings, Forget the network and then try again ...????

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    My Internet connection is not the problem, as my desktop computer works fine. The only upgrade was an antenna to get a stronger signal (wireless connection.) Everything else has worked fine and I have downloaded other software no problem, including 10.6.8 Snow Leopard update.


    I agree that the new iTunes and iPad software might help, but I've tried downloading the iTunes update twice and keep getting an error. Until I can download iTunes successfully, I can't upgrade iPad.


    Can I use a different computer to upgrade the iPad system? My husband has a MacBook and his iTunes does recognize my iPad. Although I still need to sort out the problem so I can synch iPad with the info on my own computer. Complicated!

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    If you use another computer to upgrade the software - it may work. Just set iTunes on his Mac to not sync automatically when you connect the iPad to the Mac.


    Open iTunes on his Mac, go to the preferences under the bold iTunes heading in the menu, select devices and then click the box that says Prevent iPods, iPhones and iPads from syncing automatically. Then connect your iPad to his Mac and launch iTunes.


    After you select your device on the left side see if you get any messages that tell you that the iPad will be erased, etc. I would tend to think that you will get the message that the new software is availble for download. I've never had occasion to try this but as long as you set iTunes to not sync automatically like I desscribed, you can always scrub the plan if you get the "erase" meassge from iTunes.

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    Thanks for all your help on this.  I decided to try one more time to download the new iTunes update and this time it worked. So now the iPad device is appearing OK. I also tired to download the system update for the iPad, but my internet connection was working too slowly so the update timed out. I'll try that again later.


    We are in an area where regular high speed is not available, so we have a wireless hub, which was working intermittently. We just installed an antenna, which seemd to solve the problem. But once in a while, it still has hiccups!  Looks like this was one of the times.


    As least I now know that I can synch the iPad with the system it how has, and the latest iTunes update. I'll wait for the iPad update for another day. 


    Thanks again!

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    You are quite welcome. Slow Internet is a bummer! I hope your success continues with the iPad!