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I have folders for my apps on one page and a lone app on the second page. I want to move the lone app onto the first page so I can put it in a folder there.

Before I updated to the current iOS I could start the "wiggle" action and move such an app into the dock, then go over to the screen where I wanted it and move it out of the dock and into a folder.

Now when I start the "wiggle" action I cannot move the lone app into the dock, and when I move it to the left screen edge it just jumps back into its previous place on the second screen

Can anyone clue me in re how to move apps around?



iPad 2, iOS 4.3.2, iMac G5 iSight,Mac OS 10.5.8
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    Connect the iPad to your computer, launch iTunes, select the Apps tab from the menu.


    You can drag and drop an entire screen or apps from one screen to the other.

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    Carolyn, thanks so much for your helpful answer--it worked perfectly.

    What I discovered elsewhere (latest Macworld magazine) is that only 6 apps can reside in the dock. I had 6 apps there already, which is why I could not use the "temporary placement in the dock trick"  to move an app from one page to another.

    I simply moved one of the 6 apps out of the dock,moved the app I wanted to transfer into the dock, went back to the page where I wanted that app to reside and popped it out of the dock onto the page and into its designated folder, all without hooking the iPad up to my desktop iMac. Handy if one is on the road away from a computer.

    More than one way to skin a skunk, eh!


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    The method where you tap the app, make the icon wiggle and then move it to the edge of another screen still works.


    The trick to it is this, move the icon to the edge of the screen and hold the icon there. Don't try to move it with a quick motion to the next screen ... just drag the icon to the edge of the screen and when you do it just right - the current screen jumps to the next screen. Just hold onto the app icon. It takes a little patience and practice.


    Move to the edge - just go over the edge a little bit - hold the icon for a second- and it should jump to the next screen.

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    thanks Demo!

    Now we have the trifecta... 

    I really appreciate the help on this forum