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Greeting to the community,



I am facing an issue with a new macbook pro 13 (2011, i7, OSX 10.6.7) when i connect it with a Sony Bravia TV (KDL-40BX400). The miniDP-->hdmi adapter used is the one manufactured by Moshi. During the first 10 or so minutes it delivers perfect graphics and sound. Then all of a sudden, the colors are turned into their negative values (sort of). It's pretty much the same problem that the owners of apple TV have described here:



None of the following actions have helped:


1) firmware update of the TV

2) change of hdmi cables

3) change of the moshi hdmi adapter

4 tweak color profiles, calibration, resolutions, refresh rates….. you name it….

5) pram/nvram, smc reset

6) miniDP-->DVI doesn't deliver a signal at all!

7) EFI Update 2.1 and Software Update 1.4  DO NOT solve the issue  (5/5/2011)



The TV is perfectly working and I 'd never had an issue with macbook alu late2008 via miniDP-->hdmi or miniDP-->dvi-->hdmi.



So the problem is known to exist for almost a year now (ATV) and has spread to the 2011 macbook pros. Good job indeed!!


MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.7)
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    I have exactly the same problem with my 2011 MBP and a Philips TV (42PFL5604H/12) connected through a Networx mDP->HDMI adapter.

    After 10-20 minutes time the colors go crazy for some time and then return back to normal.

    Same happened in bootcamped Windows until I switched the pixel format to full RGB witihin the Catalyst control panel. Unfortunately there seems to be no way to change the pixel format within OSX.


    I have an older mDP->HDMI adapter (which unfortunately doesn't transmit audio) with which this problem doesn't exist.

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    So do I! I have exactly the same problem with my 13" 2011 MBP and a Philips TV (37PFL8404) connected via mini DP - HDMI connector. From my point of view this seems to be a software issue.

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    I too have this problem. My TV is a Philips 42PFL7404H. I have just bought a new MacBook Pro 13.3" 2.7GHz. When I connect the MacBook to the TV via an older Apple Mini Display Port to HDMI adapter, initially the picture is fine but after a pretty random length of time the colours invert just as Sigmas' picture shows. Just today I installed the latest firmware on the TV but the problem remains.


    Similar to Sigmas, I previously had a 2.4GHz 13.3" MacBook (alu unibody but not 'Pro') which I lost in a burglary but this had no problems (over more than a year) displaying through the same adapter and cable and on the same TV! This suggests to me that something has changed on the Apple side which is causing this problem unexpectedly.


    Is this perhaps the move to Thunderbolt rather than straight Mini Display Port? Does my older Apple Mini Display Port to HDMI adapter no longer work with my new MacBook Pro?


    Apple, please take this problem seriously and issue a fix as soon as possible. I can see many many people in various corners of this support site having similar issues.

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    I should say that the Apple Mini Display Port to HDMI is via DVI. That is, an Apple Mini Display Port to DVI adapter (about 1-2 years old) and a DVI to HDMI cable. With the old Macbook it worked fine. New MacBook produces the inverted colour problem.

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    I also have this problem. Tried with 3 different adapters. A Macbook Air does not have this issue on the same TV.


    Will try my 15" on a diff TV, and also a 13" that works on that TV on my TV to see.

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    Unfortunately i had the same problem with my 15" 2,2ghz 2011 and the Sony bravia television..

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    I still have this problem despite a recent software update. I now have Mac OS X version 10.6.7.


    I'm convinced this is a Thunderbolt problem as this seems to be the only relevant change comparing my new MacBook to the stolen one.



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    same here, philips tv 37pfl8* with macbookpro 13" 2011.

    Something with energy settings, while it's occuring after a while ??

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    My latest experience reinforces the case for this being a display driver issue possibly relating to the newly introduced Thunderbolt I/O technology.


    I spoke to a guy at an Apple shop Genius Bar. He tryed to blame my TV for not supporting the latest version of HDMI. He also suggested I might have 'better' results by avoiding DVI and getting a direct Mini Display Port to HDMI cable. I bought a (3m) KanaaN cable. I've tried using my TV as an external monitor with my 2011 MacBook Pro and I continue to have serious picture problems. That is, after a pretty random length of time, the colours on my TV invert as shown in the picture above rendering the display unreadable.


    I have checked my TV (Philips 42PFL7404H) specs and it supports HDMI v1.3. I checked the latest similar TV offered by Philips and 3 or the 4 HDMI inputs are v1.3. This suggests to me that my TV is not to blame for having outdated HDMI.


    Surely this is a display driver issue relating to Thunderbolt. How do I take this further with Apple to ensure a software fix is on the way?

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    I cant't tell if thunderbolt is to blame, because apple TV (which this issue first appeared in) has a plain hdmi port. A firmware update should fix it but none so far has taken care of this issue. It is not the TV's fault by no means! WindFreak try reporting it at I have filed a report as well, but no official answer has been given....

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    I think this is not about the Macbooks at all. I tried my 15" on a different TV, and it worked flawlessly. Also, I tried a different 13" that works on a different TV on my TV, and it showed the same inverted colors after a while.


    It might be Philips TVs that are faulty, I don't know..

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    Same problem here, MBP 13 2011 and Sony Bravia LCD. I have read here on the forums about the same problem with Apple TV and Philips+sony which got fixed by IOS update. To me it sounds reasonable that OSX update would fix it for us.

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    Moreover the problem does not appear in Boot Camp windows on the same MBP, nor on Other PCs I have tested running Windows and Linux. Which hints at the bug in OS X.

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    I can confirm that this issue doesn't appear running windows (Boot Camp). It has to be a driver issue in OS X 10.6.7. (MBP2011, Philips 37PFL7404H).


    It really seems that it has got solved in iOS, can't be to hard to fix that issue in OS X?!


    Has anyone received an answer from apple yet?

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