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basically the same as the subject, how do i delete my itunes account?

  • roaminggnome Level 10 Level 10

    Why would you want to?


    You can take out your credit card number and stop using it.

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    Yes.  But when I try to sign into itunes from my ipad it keeps looking for the foreign account and not mine.  I therefore cannot make purchases

  • roaminggnome Level 10 Level 10

    Change the accoount one the ipad.


    This is covered in the manual:


    iPad 2 User Guide (For iOS 4.3 Software)

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    Warning The Fallowing May Be to Much Work For Some People


    Start! (Step, 1)

    So Basically i was having the same issue because i share an acciunt with Friends/Family/Etc..

    and so what i did was quite simple but i want you to know from the get go that none of my accounts were deleted. what i did was i went to ..(Link)


    https://appleid.apple.com/cgi-bin/WebObjects/MyAppleId.woa/35/wo/LwjPp2OB42Zh5xg 6HHjK5g/


    and Went to manage account..


    So when i did this i changed my old email address for my current Apple ID to a new one. By doing so it disables the Apple ID because your current email address is your Username to all of the Data and Applications Downloaded to all of the iDevices (iPhone, iPad, iTouch, etc..) You May no longer use the old email address u had to begin with to Log in to your Apple account.


    By changing the email adress it allows me to have the option of being able to return and view my Application Download History. Simply by logging in with the NEW email adress and Password allows me to view the Info on my Apple Account. (remember it is still the same stream of information the only difference is the email address i.e. Apple Account username.)


    NEXT! (Step, 2)

    What I did to start Fresh, I made a New Apple Account With my Original eMail address. "catching on yet?"

    and Had the Same Exact password. So All the people I shared my account with origanally can still log on to my (new but looks the same) account and download what ever Application they wish and All of the New Downlaod History will be saved from then on.

                                                -Caution of what you download if privacy is an issue-



    In conclusion what I really did was lock every one out of the original account befor the whole "iCloud" Feture was put in motion leaving a ton of download clutter in the "Update - Purchased Sub Group" on the account.

    Changed the information Leaving it impossible for other to be able to come back and log in to old information.

    And What i Did was make a New account with all of the Same information (Email/Username, and Password)

    allowing everyone to THINK theyre logging in to the original account, but in reality I know they are not.



    PS - I Did this for my brother who shares accounts with his GirlFriend and he downloaded stuff he did not want her to see. ^-^ LOL

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    Why there is always such "answers" to simple questions?


    "Why do you want to do this?"

    "Believe me you do not want to"

    and so on


    Please, just help users with finding answers to their questions.

    Thank you!

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    i can take my credit card information off my account so there for i can't update anything on my iphone