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My Macbook Pro that isn't even a year old (got it last June) has recently broke down on me for some reason (still aludes me how). The problem is whenever I try to turn it on it is stuck on the grey startup screen with the Apple logo and spinning dial. Desperately trying to seek advice I searched this site and did everything it told me to:


- Command + S then FSCK Method


- Command +Alt + P + R Reset RAM method


- Disk Utility clean up method (At first it was unable to mount the drive but when it could it didn't help install the OS or let me access my HD)


- Erase HD and re-install via the DVD. (The problem with this is when I went to erase it kept saying there was an error with erasing the drive and then when I installed it the task would fail right as it finished saying it could not be installed.)



If there's anything at all that I'm forgetting to do or I'm just doing this whole thing wrong please let me know because at this point I'm just wanting to get my Macbook working again! I am desperetaly scrambling to fix this as soon as possible and any help would be much appreciated.

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