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My Macbook Pro that isn't even a year old (got it last June) has recently broke down on me for some reason (still aludes me how). The problem is whenever I try to turn it on it is stuck on the grey startup screen with the Apple logo and spinning dial. Desperately trying to seek advice I searched this site and did everything it told me to:


- Command + S then FSCK Method


- Command +Alt + P + R Reset RAM method


- Disk Utility clean up method (At first it was unable to mount the drive but when it could it didn't help install the OS or let me access my HD)


- Erase HD and re-install via the DVD. (The problem with this is when I went to erase it kept saying there was an error with erasing the drive and then when I installed it the task would fail right as it finished saying it could not be installed.)



If there's anything at all that I'm forgetting to do or I'm just doing this whole thing wrong please let me know because at this point I'm just wanting to get my Macbook working again! I am desperetaly scrambling to fix this as soon as possible and any help would be much appreciated.

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    You may have several issues. A bad directory or corrupted system software.


    1. A program call Disk Warrior can rebuild your directory. But to do so you would have to have an external Drive with OSX installed to boot up from or from another Mac, with your troubled Mac in Target mode.


    2. You don't have to erase your HD necessarily. Boot up your computer with the Install Disk by holding down C.

    Then reinstall your OSX. If you have Snow Leopard, it will take about an hour.

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    I'd suspect you could have some bad sectors on the hard drive

    Reboot from the install DVD and run Disc Utility

    Select the hard drive and hit the Erase tab across right

    Click on Security Options and select Zero Out Data then OK

    Wait a while it's going to write zeros to the disc and erase everything, if it finds a bad sector it will map that out

    When that's done click the First Aid tab and run Repair Disc to be sure it returns an "OK" report

    When that's all done re-install the OS again and hopefully this time it will complete


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    Is that also symptomatic of a dying HD?



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    Not necessarily, MacJoseph. Zeroing the drive like Michael suggested should get it back to "like new" condition though.  






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    Okay, did the Zero out thing...felt like it did something but when it "finished" got the message "Volume Erase Failed with the error: FIle system formatter failed". Should I keep going through the rest of the steps or should I be doing the main part of the HD rather then the one labeled Macintosh HD?

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    So after I did the whole Zero out method (just the erasing part), I went to repair it like you said but got an error saying it needed to be formatted. Then when I go back to it the whole "Macintosh HD" drive is gone. All that's left is the one with the "Brand name 250 gb". I'm really starting to panic now as it won't appear when I try to install the OS and am feeling powerless with each minute that passes.

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    Could be a dead HD.

    You can get a Western Digital 1TB HD  on Amazon for $119. 3 year warranty.

    Easy to install yourself if you follow instructions on iFixit.com

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    Hey, I am facing same kind of issue with my mackbook pro.

    What did you do to fix this. I am desperate to here from you.



    Santosh C

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    Well...I did end up fixing the problem.


    But the downside is I had to take it to the store I bought it from and to their customer support. Turns out the HD was fried so they had to send it out for a new one. It took a couple weeks but when it came back it was good as new!


    Hopefully you get yours sorted out too, because I remember how stressful it was for me when I was going through the same problem.


    Good Luck!


    - E Comics -

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    Thanks for your reply.


    Yeh, looks like my HDD gone.


    I got appointment today on apple store, lets see if they replace my HDD.