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I was visiting my friends in Ireland, and I have bought a second hand iphone 4. The people told me, that the phone was unlocked, they put few different sims in it, and it worked. So, once i got home, i resored it. And then i found out that the phone was locked to 3. I have contacted 3, but they said they needed the previous users request to unlock it, and I can not get the phone unlocked. So they told me to try to contact apple about this question. So firstly I would like to ask, if it is possible for apple to unlock the phone for me? Because I was tricked and I can not use the phone.. i am very sad now. Thank you for your help.

iPhone 4, iOS 4.3.2
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    Sorry, Apple does not unlock iphones. Only 3(the carrier your phone is locked to) can authorize the phone's official unlocking. You were tricked and that's unfortunate, as your phone was hacked, not officially unlocked. Updating software or restoring a hacked iPhone will re-lock it to the carrier it was originally locked to. That's what has happened to you.