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I have tried to pair the two together several times but it just fails over and over again, can anyone help please?

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.6), My ipod touch is second generation
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    The iPod does not have the BT profiles necessary to pair with a computer.  See:

    iPhone, iPad, iPod touch: Supported Bluetooth profiles

    Basically the iPod can only pair with headphones, speakers, keyboards (later models only) and other iDevices via apps.

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    I know this discussion took place over 2 years ago, but hopefully someone will respond to my question. I am pretty much in the same boat as NicG2B here. I am on a MacBook running OS X 10.6.8 and JUST bought a iPod Touch 5th Gen. just this past weekend. Its not even a week old yet. I am trying to pair it with my MacBook but it will not connect. It tries to pair and establishes a connection but then says "Pairing Unsuccessful. Pairing took too long. Make sure your computer is turned on, in range, and is ready to pair.". I tried physically connecting my iPod to my computer to see if that would work. No such luck. Still the same message. I see on here that its stated that "The iPod does not have the BT profiles necessary to pair with a  computer.". I am wondering why those profiles don't exist and if there is anyway to obtain them so that I can pair my iPod Touch 5th Gen. with my MacBook. Any help that anyone can provide, would be greatly appreciated.


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    I found that Instashare app and have downloaded it to my iPod Touch. However, I can't download it to my MacBook because it requires OS X 10.7 at least. I am still running OS X 10.6.8. Do you have an other ideas on how to get my iPod to connect via Bluetooth with my MacBook? Other than upgrading to 10.7. I am a little weary on upgrading further as I only have 2 GB of installed memory. I can and want to upgrade to 4 GB but currently don't have the funds for that.

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    I know of no other apps. Have you searched the app store ro Googled?

    I have found out that now a lot of programs now require Lion or later.

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    Sorry, I never did get a result to this and gave up, I just i pair it through the usual cables.  Weirdly apple products don't appear to pair via bluetooth with other apple devices but pair with other plenty of other devices. 

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    Generally, bluetooth is for input and output devices only.  Headphones, speakers, keyboard, mouse.

    The iPod can't connect to the Macbook via bluetooth because the Mac is not an input or output device.

    What you need is wifi, then they can communicate.  If you have home wifi - great, If you have Mifi on the Macbook, tether it to iPod, if you can tether to hot spot on phone you can use that (holy battery drain!)

    Otherwise, use the cable to USB port to connect the Mac and iPod


    Just so I get a better idea of what you are trying to do...

      ....I mean for what purpose do you need to connecting the Macbook and iPod (via bluetooth)?  Connecting to iTunes?  Transfering photos to Mac?  Use iPod as remote desktop control?

    Still need to use wifi.....

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    I do have my own WiFi network. Its how I connect to the internet. I was wondering about Bluetooth because I wanted to transfer photos from my MacBook, to my iPod. Can you please explain how to do that? Thanks.

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    So glad I asked!  I hope you will be also...


    I use dropbox.  It's a free App for Computer and iPod and for any other devices also. 

    I have an Android phone, an iPod touch an iPAd and iMac computer and they all use dropbox. 


    Dropbox gives you 5GB of free cloud storage for photos, video, documents, etc.  It is passworded using your email as user name.  Since most of the content is in the "cloud" and not stored on your devices, you get more room on each.  You can access dropbox items when online, or download for storage on the device.


    My phone and iPod automatically download new photos etc. to dropbox as soon as they connect to my home wifi.

    Because they load to dropbox automatically, I can take a photo outside with my phone, walk inside and click on dropbox online and my photo is ready to download to iPhoto or use on Facebook or edit into a document.

    I save written work for school in Dropbox also.


    For you purposes, you can put photos from your computer into dropbox and maybe organize into Albums.  Then you open dropbox on the iPod and download to your camera roll.