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Ever since i upgraded to iLife '11, I have not had the ability in iPhoto to view a single photo. My library with all it's information is there, I have no issue viewing the list of events, faces, etc. and all photos show up in all the appropriate places. The one thing that no longer works, is that when I click to view a single photo - iPhoto shows nothing.








I have no idea what caused this. You'll notice that I access the system running iPhoto through desktop sharing (it's a headless Mac mini), but that should not be the issue. I've got 3GB of memory, and no speed or other resource issues whatsoever with this machine. I can play Quicktime video on this Mac mini and watch it through remote desktop! So ... clueless, to be honest.


The system runs OS X 10.6.7 with iPhoto 9.1.2.


Any help would be much appreciated.