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Well this is totally new Support from what I'm used to.


I'm stuck with how to keep MobileMe from trying to force 11,000 bookmarks from duplicating what it did on my iPhone,

and let it do it to my other machines.


Pop-Up comes up during sync and I always have to hit sync later to pause it basically.


Why is this trying to force the issue, and why can't it see that it is duplicating?

I shouldn't have to uncheck bookmarks from syncing to keep chaos somewhat under control.

I'll say upfront since day one, I hate MobileMe.

I know it's the so called cloud account that makes sync a cool factor, but it's too fragile & out of control.


I paid to simply have software work.  It's not my job to fix it. 

Instructions from help menus are simply the worst, and are never point by point clear in real time.


Abbreviations for titles don't work for me.  It only makes the mission more difficult.


I'm about to load up the MacPro, both laptops, iPhone, and head to Apple and say " it's your job " fix it.

It's been this way for months, so it's time. 

I spend a lot of time gathering research to be bookmarked.

At least this is one area that always worked flawless on the old PC.

You could not mess it up if you tried.


If nothing else, I want a software even if I have to purchase it to go through bookmarks and streamline it

to my preferences with main title folders only, vs 10,000 opened child titles making it a chore to find the right spot to enter a new bookmark.


If on the iPhone, you have to scroll through 10,000 entries, and this is totally insane.


Feel Free to steer a frustrated soldier.


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