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I posted this before and never received any reply. I'm now using 10.6.7 and the scanner still only shows up every once in a while.


This issue has been reported several times:

- https://discussions.apple.com/message/12694244?messageID=12694244

- https://discussions.apple.com/message/11436957#11436957


Maybe it's just out-dated scanner-drivers. The irony is that Samsung is saying they support 10.6.



Old description:

I have a Samsung SCX-4521f Printer/scanner combination (detail here:http://samsung.de/de/Privatkunden/Buero/DruckerMFP/LaserMFP/SCX-4521F/SCX-4521FR XEG/detail.aspx?atab=features).


Since 10.6.5 the scanner only shows up occasionally under "Digital Images" or "Digitale Bilder" as the solftware is called in the german OS X localization. I can't figure a pattern but sometimes I have to fuddle with it for about 30 Minutes to get this thing to show up. Then it works for a while and the next day it's gone again. Printer is fine but the scanner often just doesn't appear at all.


Any other experiences with this printer? Is this only my machine or a general issue with OS X?

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I have the same problem!

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    I have the same problem!

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    That's what I thought. So now at least we know, it's not a hardware defect but a common issue caused by outdated software. Teorema, did you talk to Samsung about this? What did they respond?


    I called them and they say they are not going to provide new drivers, since Apple "broke" the working drivers with constantly changing the printing apis in Mac OS X.


    I, of course, see this differently. Since I payed for their hardware - printer manufacturers are in the tight spot to do the move and update their old drivers. It can't be that hard. But it's just what they want: they want the customer to throw away their old printer and buy a new one. That's how economy works nowadays - trashing perfectly functional things and replacing them with new (sometimes even worse) products. But looking at this globally I can't agree and am not willing to take this from Samsung / HP or any other printer manufacturer.


    So I'd love to hear what Samsung is telling you, when you call them, Tearema.