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In many places in ASC are links that should open pages to a specific post (message) in a topic (discussion). These are of the form:




where {number} is the unique ID number of the message.


For many of us using flat view this does not work correctly once the topic has greater than 15 posts, forcing the topic to be broken up into multiple pages.


Instead of opening the page with that specific post & scrolling the window to it, what happens is we are taken to what seems to be an arbitrary page & location on that page. Most often, it is to the top of the first page of the topic. Sometimes it is to a specific (but incorrect) page, often page four if the topic has one. Occasionally, it is to page one but to some point on that page other than the top.


For some topics it works as it should, but this is the exception, not the rule.


This same behavior applies to "Latest reply" links, 'In response to' links, & the action following clicking on the "Add Reply" or 'edit' buttons within multi-page topics; IOW, anywhere the URL for the link is of the message/{number}?tstart=0#{number} form, or the equivalent.


This makes navigating & using the site a lot more frustrating & labor intensive than it needs to be because of the need to constantly load the correct page.


If correcting this behavior could be made a priority, I'm sure a lot of users would be very grateful.



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    Your description of the problen is lucid and accurate.  It makes responding to posts, or even finding the latest post an unpleasant and difficult prposition.  Using ASC  should be easy and intuitive.  The reply/latest post behavior makes it neither.


    Apple, please do something!






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    Yes, there are several things that are obviously meant as links to make things easier that aren't working. In addition to the "Latest reply" only working in a discussion that is limited to a single page, in a Discussions list, I'm sure that clicking on the elapsed time since the last post in the "Last Post" column is supposed to take you to that last post. Again, in a single-page discussion, that's exactly what happens, but once there is more than one page to it, it's anybody's guess where that link will take you in that discussion. (The same is true if you click on the elapsed time link from the "Your Discussions" list.)


    It makes things very hard to follow, as does a lack of designation for "New!" content within the discussion.