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I tried upgrading to the new cloud-based MobileMe calendars twice before the forced upgrade date. Both times I was disappointed (as I was this time), because floating timezone events had their times shifted as though I worked for Apple (i.e. to Pacific Time). This is a bug which will just waste my time.


This is a question about something more pressing.


In the past I could publish my iCal calendars locally so that I could put them on a page accessible only to people inside the place I work.


On one of the previous upgrades, I checked that publishing locally still worked. The solution was not obvious, but it it did work: I could change the location of the calendar. Here is the solution in full:




Now when I try to use this solution, I see that the change location menu item seems to be permanently grayed out for calendars under my mobileme account. Does anyone have a new solution?


Here are some things I looked into without finding a solution:


  • Using symlinks to pretend the calendars were on my web server at work. The new calendars appear to be in one huge cache.
  • Looking in AppleScript to see if I could periodically export the .ics files over to the webserver. The dictionary for iCal is far too limited for this.


I could manually export .ics files as needed, but this is both painful and open for error---I really need an automatic solution which does not rely on having everyone at work pay for MobileMe.