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Hi people,


I wonder if anyone is able to help me. I recently plugged my iPhone onto a friends PC with iTunes and think this has stopped me from being able to "Drag and drop" music onto my iPhone. It worked before without any problems but it seems something has has changed since plugging my iPhone to my friends PC.


When i try and drag and drop music now, the drag icon is a circle with a line through it, not allowing me to do it. I tried going to the iPhone Summary screen and clicking on the "Manually manage music and videos" checkbox but when i try and apply the setting i get the "The iPhone <iphone name> is sycned with another iTunes library. Do you want to erase this iPhone and sync with this iTunes library?" message and suggests that i erase my iPhone.


I tried erasing the iPhone (i backed up prior to this) and trying it again but still having no joy. Annoyingly the "Manually manage music and videos" checkbox remained unticked after erasing...


Pleaaaaaaaaaaaase help?!


Thanks a lot

iPhone 4, iOS 4.3.2, Drag dropping music onto iPhone 4
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    The iphone can sync to only one computer at a time. When you connected it to another computer it switched its alliegence to the new one. You will have to sync with your computer first, then drag and drop should work. But it's a poor way to manage music; it's much easier to create an iPhone playlist, copy all the music you want on the iPhone to the playlist, then sync that playlist to the iPhone. If you have a lot of tracks (I have 3500 on my phone) create several lists to sync.

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    Thanks for the quick reply mate. I connected my iPhone to my PC again, sync'ed and then tried manually dragging dropping music but it's still having none of it.


    I tried your suggestion in creating a new iPhone playlist. I drag and dropped the music from my Library to the 'Playlist' section in the left hand panel and it created a new playlist. When i tried dragging and dropping this playlist (from the left hand panel) onto my iPhone the same thing happens as before. The drag icon still a circle with a line through it not allowing my to drag and drop that either.


    Sorry for being pain, any other suggestions? I'd still kinda prefer to manually drag and drop music as i did before as i didn't have any problems before.


    Cheers pal

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    With the phone connected to iTunes go to the Music tab and check the playlist you want on the phone, then sync. If this doesn't work the iPhone is logged in to a different iTunes account than the one on your computer.

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    Thanks again you your reply, but any ideas how I log out of my friends machine? Is there a log out button or could it be that my iPhone was the last device connected to my friends iTunes in which case he needs to connect his device in order to clear mine?



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    On the iPhone go to settings/Store and log out of your friends account, then log in to yours.

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    Thanks again Lawrence, you've probably had enough of me now haha!


    Well i tried what you last suggested but my iPhone definitely shows my Apple ID and not my friends. It must have something to do with my friends iTunes but the annoying thing is, i don't llive near him... Darn. I could call him but not too sure what i would need him to do. I noticed that my iPhone no longer auto-syncs when i plug my iPhone to my iTunes (i.e. backups up new apps or when apps have been updated via the app store). I presume this is linked the same issue.


    I'm kind of hoping there is a bug here or something and Apple would need to update iTunes. Either that or there's something i have to do to my friends iTunes to log my iPhone out...?


    Thanks again mate, we're getting close

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    We haven't looked at basics. Do you have "Manually manage misuc & videos" checked in iTunes? What about "Sync only checked songs and videos"?


    If all else fails, Restore the phone as a new phone.

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    Cool. Ok i don't have the "Manually manage misuc & videos" or "Sync only checked songs and videos" ticked. I clicked on the "Sync only checked songs and videos" and clicked on Apply, tried ticking some tracks in my Library but it didn't copy the ticked items to my iPhone when i clicked "Sync".


    Whenever i try and tick the "Manually manage misuc & videos" checkbox and clicking on Apply, it asks me to Erase my iPhone which i tried the first time but that didn't seem to do the trick.


    If i restore my iPhone as a new phone, will it clear absolutley everything (i.e. contacts, apps etc)? Does the back up, back up your settings and contacts etc?


    Thanks Lawrence

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    It clears everything, but you should be able to reload everything but music by restoring your backup. However, syncing and choosing Erase your phone should also work if the other settings are right.


    You should be syncing contacts to some desktop app; if you are you can recover them from the desktop app by syncing, as long as there is at least one entry on your phone so it can merge them. For Mac, Windows 7 and Windows Vista there is an Address Book app you can choose, for XP I think it has to be Outlook.

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    Ah ok, i have Vista so do i need to download an address book app or is there already one as part of Windows Vista?


    You've been a great help Lawrence.

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    It should already be there in Vista, I think, but I've never used Vista so I'm not sure (I run XP, OS X and Ubuntu). Try googling for "vista address book".