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i'm attempting to use the subscribed calendar feature in iOS and having problems.

1st issue: i've put an ics file that regularly gets updated on an at a web location that is basic authentication protected. Inside the subscribed Calendar settings there is a place to put username and password. When i click "Done" and iOS tries to verify the information, i get a popup saying "account requires a username and password"... I know basic authentication works and the username and password are correct because i've tested via browser and very simple passwords e.g. 123.



2nd issue: I do work with people in other timezones and so i frequently get meeting requests from people in other timezones. In the ICS file i can see this information is published appropriately. e.g.


DTSTART;TZID="Romance Standard Time":20110510T170000

DTEND;TZID="Romance Standard Time":20110510T183000


If I import this ics file into google calendar, the timezones are read appropriately and the meetings are scheduled accordingly. in the example above, the meeting shows up as being at 8am - 9:30am.


on iOS the timezone is completely ignored. so i get the meeting showing up as 5pm - 6:30pm.


I've tried fiddling with the "Time Zone support" option in settings, but this does nothing.


Help on the issues above is greatly appreceiated. Personally I'm extremely frustrated with this.



iPhone 4, iOS 4.1