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Kctc Level 1 (0 points)

My iPad keeps on shutting down apps and it's not just one. Is there something wrong with my iPad or is it the installation of the apps? Please help! Thanks

  • rbrylawski Level 6 (11,850 points)

    When the App shuts down are you losing your connection to the internet?  I see you have 3G.  If you have Wifi at home, try one of the Apps that shut down using Wifi to see if it's your connection........It's unlikely there's anything wrong with the App itself.......

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    The same thing is happening to me. This just started happening after I updated to the most recent IOS update a few days ago. It happens with both Wi-Fi and 3G. I'll be in the middle of sending an email or playing a game and it just shuts down and returns me to the home screen.

  • Rudegar Level 7 (25,485 points)

    reset the ipad it's the cure for 90% of issues people have in this forum

  • carolfromaltoona Level 1 (0 points)

    I have shut down the iPad several times, and that does work, for a while, but then the apps start to close themselves again.

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    I am having the same issues.  I am on wi-fi, connection is stable.  And my apps just shut down intermittently.  And it's not limited to one app, may happens several times a day, at different Ines, and at different locations.

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    the same thing is happening to me.  It happens when using wifi or 3g and with various apps.  Even Safari is shutting down.  It's happened 6 times today.  My internet wifi connection is stable with a strong signal. 


    its happened before but has been happening MUCH more frequently since I updated the OS.

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    I am having this experience as well.  Mostly Safari, but occasionally other apps.  I started noticing it before upgrading to iOS 5, but it has increased frequency since I upgraded.  So far have tried rebooting and clearing Safari's cache and cookies, neither has helped.  I'm also noticing the little update/loading wheel running (next to the wifi indicator) long after the page is done loading, so perhaps too much is going on in the background?

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    I just got this problem fixed on my iPad. Here's what to do..

    Double click the round on/off button at the bottom of the screen

    A display of apps which are currently running will appear at the bottom of the screen

    Press and hold an app icon until a little red minus sign appears on the icon (it will appear on all of them)

    Press the minus sign, and the app will completely close. Clear all app icons.

    Go to safari and make us all tabs are closed.

    Reboot iPad by pressing and holding main power button on the top side of iPad.

    The problem should vanish when you power up again....for good!


    Good luck!

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    Thanks, this truly worked like a clock!

  • iconicman Level 1 (5 points)

    Yes, close all open adds using the double click Home button (why isn't there a quick option to close ALL running apps, rather than me having to click the - sign on LOTS of them?Grrrr)



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    thank you so much!!!! i've been worried about it since my 4s is just new then i dunno same errors like when you try to open and app then it suddenly shuts down...well i followed your advise then i got it back i mean my phone is working back! hehehe!

  • witchingyou Level 1 (0 points)

    thank you! i followed everything you said and my 4s is ok now...

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    It's not working for me.

    I'm still having problems with my Ipad3, IOS 5.


    I really don't know what to do!