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  • peterfromherisau Level 1 (0 points)

    Hello Madison


    i did  all  of the written  solutions.

    I didnt work.



    Peter  from Switzerland

  • MadisonP Level 5 (4,765 points)

    Hey Peter,


    If the steps I suggested did not help then you are experiencing an issue with a different cause.  Try the steps listed by Old Toad and Larry on Page 1 of this thread.



  • questioninmonroe Level 1 (0 points)

    Well after weeks of trying I was finally able to successfully preview one of my books without lines and then buy it.  Now hopefully I don't hear back from Apple telling me they saw something wrong with the upload.  First I downloaded smcFanControl so I could help keep the computer cool.  I turned up the fan speed for all the work I did re-doing the book.  Then cranked it for the assembly and uploading process.  I also turned the computer off when I wasn't working on it to help keep it cool.  I had the computer off for several hours before I tried to preview the book as well. To re-do the book I went through all the photos and made sure all the image sizes were between 300 and 600 dpi depending on the final size of the image in the book.  I then created a brand new book but same style choice and font choices.  I then turned the computer off as I said for several hours before attempting to preview the book.  As I turned the computer back on I reset the PRAM one more time just to be sure.  I cranked the fans and began the preview.  Success!  Finally.  So I saved the preview, closed the preview program, had only i-photo on and pushed the buy book button.  Now I have to do the same all over again for my second book.


    I think my problem was two fold.  My file sizes were too big.  I didn't realize this.  As a result the computer had to work extra hard causing it to heat up and create lines of pixels not only in my pdf preview, but also in my working windows.  I did have the fans and all cleaned when I took my computer into the authorized repair center and they said they were't bad.  I read on another thread about downloading the smcFanControl and cranking the fans.  This has really helped.  I think heat plays a big part in the missing info lines of pixels.  I didn't have this line problem in my working windows until after I added more RAM and upgraded to Snow Leopard.  My computer is from 2006 I believe and I think it can't handle the added heat of the extra RAM and extra crunching.


    I hope this helps others out there experiencing the same problem.

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    Hey Guys


    Just received a perfectly printed XL-photobook from Apple! I did have the same problems as most of you; the preview showed shifted and discolored pictures and apple rejected the order. The solution was quite simple though: Start your Mac in safe-mode (press SHIFT during startup). In my case, it suddenly worked out perfect. Preview and pdf copy went ok and the final result look great as well.


    Hope that helps you too




    PS: I stumbled over this solution by accident - the apple guys didn't really help - all i got was a message that i should update my software (which does NOT solve the problem). As great as apple is - if they dont learn to admit and correct mistakes, they'll loose their reputation!

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    I didnt  read  until today the post from Alex.


    After PRAM  And boost  and changing the library it didn't work.

    Yesterday i started  in the save modus  and could  see the Pdf  Prints  and then  i snd my tho XL original books  away.


    Starting normal  later , i had the same Problem as before and an other trial  with  safe mode worked.


    Perhaps its  the text  with Helvetica ? I dont know  .


    I am very happy with the solution and  hop that its  wokrs in the future  with the  lion  normal.


    Thanks  at all !


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    Let me say that you really have to be drinking the koolaid to think Apple has great customer support.  They NEVER chime in on issues like this.  I had a gift ordered for my Wife and two days before the book is to arrive (9 days after the order was placed), I get an email that it contained corrputed images and to upddate my software!


    The software is the problem!  Yes, the most-perfect Apple software is at fault.  You have to switch theme size back and forth until you get a non-corrupt preview and then upload it.  Apple will just tell you it's your fault.  Forget getting any of those Cupertino pansies on the phone to actually know anything.  Apple is just like dealing with ATT wireless or Comcast, everything's good unitl you need some help an then it's all your fault. 


    I've found another company that does these books and they don't treat you like an idiot when the problems on their end!  FY Apple!

  • cc3d Level 1 (0 points)

    I found the solution:


    Go to or get BookSmart from  Both options are better (and free) than iPhoto and won't surprise you by having their software crap out after you've done a lt a work and then blame the problem on you when you try to get support.



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    Had the same problem today with an XL book and I had receive the same answer from Apple Service : corrupted download...


    After a few tests: the problem is not the theme, it's the XL format. I've tried to preview a couple of other theme (in XL format) and had the same problem, but my preview of my original theme in the Large format worked perfectly well.


    As Alexander suggested, my preview of my XL book in the Safe mode worked ok.


    I do have some work to do on some pictures, but after that I'll try to order my book in Safe mode.


    Stay tune.

  • Eric P Level 1 (0 points)

    Hello again,


    As I said in the previous post, my preview of XL book worked fine and I was able to order it.


    But two days later my order was cancelled by Apple for the same reason than the first one.


    I will try a new theme, or a smaller book than the XL, but it's really a pain... I've spent the last two weeks on this.

  • Lukah Level 1 (0 points)

    Same problem here



  • Eric P Level 1 (0 points)

    I got to correct my previous post: my order in Safe mode finally worked and my book is on is way. I just have to wait and see if everything will be fine with it.

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    Hello everybody,


    I have the same problem with XL books, my computer is mac mini with Lion. The same photos in L books looks right. I'm going to try in the safe mode this night.


    Tengo el mismo problema, cuando configuro el libro como SG, el archivo pdf se corrompe, si lo configuro como G, se ve perfecto. Esta noche probaré a hacerlo en modo prueba de fallos, pero esto no es solución.

  • Lukah Level 1 (0 points)

    I've sucessfully created my photo book in safe mode

  • Eric P Level 1 (0 points)

    Same for me. I confirm that I received my XL book today and the boook is great. The Safe mode was the solution for me.

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    Hi Alex, I am having the same problem as you - it is driving me crazy!   I get a clean preview in safe mode like you but could not send the book to the Apple Store.  How did you get connected in safe mode?


    Dave. D.