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  • TheeiPhoneUser Level 1 (0 points)

    i have the same problem i clicked my home wifi to "forgget this network", thinking it will reset it but it didnt its giving me **** -_- and when i try to rejoin i cant. It tells me i have the wrong password!:( #iphone please fix or help me

  • jb5929 Level 1 (0 points)

    I read all these posts on this and found that the first thing to be done is to turn off the router and turn it back on so as to reset it. Leave it off for 30 seconds. That fixed it right away. The more complicated fixes should be left until this remedy has been tried.JFB.

  • hhelmbold Level 1 (0 points)

    So many common and cheap answers to this problem. Not like we haven't tried rebooting routers, switching them off, or throwing them out windows! When will Apple realise that they made a HUGE stuff up with the new iOS and admit that there is a problem? 39 pages on a single problem speaks for something!

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    My wifi crapped out a couple of days ago. I continue to get unable to join network. I have since tried EVERYTHING shown on these 39 pages (other than going to an Apple store, and I really dont want to do that at this time of year) and nothing has worked for me. (I have never connected to a different wifi network, havent had the opportunity so dont know if that would work) I am extremely disappointed in Apple for not fixing a problem that appears to be a major issue with so many and for so long. And how many people aren/t even posting that are having problems. I have a new iPad on the way and thankful I went with the wifi AND cellular model as something tells me it/s not going to work on wifi here at home and I would have gone ballistic!!! Maybe Apple is in with the cellular providers as now we will be paying extra on our plans for using it since we cant get wifi. It is a good thing for Apple this happened to me AFTER I ordered the iPad or I would have seriously thought about not getting it. Not that losing my business would have in any way hurt them. LOL And now I have hit some button on my laptop that is screwing up my characters (I cant get an apostrophe or quotation mark) so before I actually go ballistic I will sign off. Thanks everyone for letting me rant and BOO to Apple !!!  Good luck to all in getting their issues fixed!

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    I tried to create a quest WIFI network and it worked.

    All I can say this ***** - majority of my work colleques cant do that. I went to tmobile and they confirmed the issue at the shop. Tried numerous of times to connect using my mates WIFI - big fail.

    Apple do not give a **** about that.

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    Look at the number of views this post has had. This a huge problem especially for the ipone 4s since ios 6 was rolled out. I still get sporadic wifi connection, but also get greyed out wifi off, sometimes searching for networks but no networks populating. There are many networks available when it feels like connecting, the rest of the time it cannot detect any. This is not a wifi/router issue. This is an issuewith ios6 and its current incarnation. I'm going android next purchase, Apple don't seem to care about this issue.


    I have also read about people running up huge data bills on their iphones, wonder if this is because they are using 3g as their phones fail to connect to wifi?

  • lolapple666 Level 1 (0 points)


    The above solution worked like for 2 hours and died. Well annoyed now. I have got one system update, quite few application updates and I cant do that over 3g - I have only 1.5 GB per month for god sake.

    Iphone will not be a thing I will buy when my mobile contracts expires.

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    This is so frustrating!!

    I've had ios 6 on my iPhone 4S since it first rolled out, and never any issues whatsoever. Then randomly on Thursday I noticed I wasn't able to connect to our wifi network at all. It just kept searching for a network, but never finding anything. I asked my fiance & our roommate if they could - As they both have iPhones as well, and the same ios, no issues for them. I tried rebooting, nothing.

    Yesterday, issue continued. This time however I noticed that I had the grayed out wifi. Rebooted to no avail. Came on here to look for answers. Tried pretty much every **** thing suggested. Then I noticed that while I had my phone connected to my computer, the wifi was no longer grayed out. However, it was back to searching for a network and never finding anything. I had never gotten the update to ios 6, so I even tried getting that. Still nothing. This morning when I turned on my phone (cause I kept it shut down last night), it was finally able to see my network. Every time I tried connecting though, it said my password was wrong, or it wasn't able to connect to that network. Then eventually wasn't able to see my network anymore and just continued searching yet again. Tried a few of the tricks mentioned on here again, and now I'm stuck with the grayed out wifi again. I'm at a complete loss of what to do. I'm on a shared couple's data plan with my fiance, so I don't want to do too much on my 3G. On top of that, most of my apps wont even work anyway, they all keep crashing the moment I try opening them despite how many times I reboot. So my phone is more or less rendered useless right now.

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    Hi, I have the same problem as you guys which when you try to connect it does not say incorrect password. Instead, it say unable to connect to network.


    But now I already fix it, I do not know that if some of you try this or not. What I do is turn off the MAC filter off. My router is D-Link DIR615, I open the Advance setting first then open the Advance Wireless. Then, at the wireless MAC filter, you can configure it to turn off the Wireless MAC filter. I hope this help as I already wasting alot of my time to figure this out.

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    I unsubscribed from all these notifications weeks ago and I am STILL getting an email everytime someone posts.


    Apple - if you are listening-  delete this account!

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    Hey Folks,

       I have spent 4 hours working on this issue of the iphone not connecting to my home network. I went through all of the solutions I have read in the community section including restoring my iphone. I finally found the issue to solve this was to get a refresh signal sent to my cable modem. It took care of the reason why my laptop and ipad connected, but not my iphone to my wifi. I had good signal strength and every time I tried to connect it simply left me hanging with the cannot connect to the internet statement. Try this is all else fails. Perhaps even do this first.

  • Spiderlee Level 1 (0 points)

    Also here the same problem, sometimes it can connect, wont take long to disconnect again, looks like it started a few weeks ago, maybe after ios update? Not really sure...

    I've reset my network settings, no success, reinstalled ios, no success.

    Bottom line is that i've followed apple's instructions about the wifi switch greyd out.


    I hope Apple will bugfix this, or do i need to talk with apple support about this?

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    Fixed COMPLETELY!!!!! go to your modem settings by going to (or similar) log into the modem as admin and change the wireless radio settings. ended up changing the channel from "auto" to "6" and boom it works. hope this helps!

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    Like everyone else on here, my wifi is greyed out too. I tried resetting the network settings. (sometimes that will work) Now I can't even turn the wifi on. This is very disheartening.

    I don't see any responces from anyone who accually seems to work for Apple.

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