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    thats because this is a user forum, not tech support. contact apple tech support if you want help from the real guys.

  • Dianadicesare9 Level 1 (0 points)

    I found a way to fix wi fi issues, I went into my router and changed security protocol to "YES" protect mode allowed me to connect once I settings were applied. It needs you to have a secure network connection in order to allow an iphone to use your wi fi connection.

  • akafopy Level 1 (0 points)

    After trying everything with Apple Support, I turned my phone in for a new one. I hope this one will work properly. If not maybe Apple will pay for a new something else. This will be the third "New phone" on this reciept.

  • akafopy Level 1 (0 points)

    I do have a secure connection. The problem was the grey out. I could not even turn on the wifi setting. Thanks very much for the feed back.  Good luck with yours.

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    my iphone 4s wasnt able to connect my home network,but i solved problem
    I m using pc so in adress bar in internet browser i entered my ip adress and logged in(using email and pass from my internet provider),so i just deleted my iphone from device interfaces and tried to connect via iphone and it worked for me

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    have same prob as you guys. just reboot my router and its work as well

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    Ok, I appreciate some people have had some results but these have no relevance to my problem.


    Problem - wifi showing as not connected in settings.

    Problem - When selecting wifi option, wifi is showing as on but not detecting any networks (there are many on my street - everyone has wifi) Not a problem with the networks existing, just my iphones inability to detect them

    Problem - sometimes my phone will detect wifi then drop it for no reason, maybe finding it for a short while

    Problem - sometimes the wifi option will be totally greyed out....this has nothing to do with my router or internet connection, this is a problem with my iphone/software


    Just thopught i'd clarify my problem. Also outline why router problems are not the issue here.

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    I had issues like yours, but the problem was my router configuration. There are two ways to fix this, one is to change your Wi-Fi settings on the router, the other is to enable QoS (which I understand people sometimes don't like to do) I personally have found doing both solutions works best as these are solutions issued directly by Apple. And in my own experience, this not only fixed connectivity problems, but also speed and stability issues with my Apple devices on my home network.


    There are currently two iPhone 4's (not to be confused with iPhone 4S), three iPod touch's (2G, 3G, and 4G {the numerical generations for the iPod's, not the non-existent cellular data connectivity}), an iPad 2, occasionally a MacBook Pro, and three Windows-based PC's (which I am not fond of); speaking simply, if these solutions don't work for you, either you didn't follow the instructions below, or you're simply not someone who should be using such sophisticated devices (A.K.A.-computers, phones, should probably go be Amish)



    Now before I get started, make sure you have WPA2 "Security Mode" enabled with a good password or your neighbors are probably using your Internet. Also the fixes are geared directly towards those with Apple devices who have issues connecting to their own home Wi-Fi, who have WPA2 security enabled on their routers, and also towards those with intermittent connectivity and/or slow connection speeds.



    Solution #1


    (steps- follow in order or don't bother reading them because you will mess up and whine all over the discussion boards, preventing comp)


    1. Go to the router setup page (using your browser, follow the manufacturer's instructions on how to access this)


    2. Look for a tab named something like "Applications and Gaming" (and click it)


    3. Look for something called QoS (click it)


    4. Turn on QoS (which may be called WMM {Wi-Fi multi-media} support depending on the manufacturer of your router)


    5. Save your settings by clicking the "Save Settings" button


    6. Reboot your router


    7. Attempt to connect to your Wi-Fi with your problem device


    8. If you are still unable to connect, then continue on to solution #2. If you are able to connect after solution #1, do not screw with your router settings anymore or you will be stuck having to do this all over again.


    -(something that would be somewhat comical due to stupidity, but also a pain in the bum)



    Solution #2


    (steps- yes you still have to follow them in order, I don't care how smart you think you are, if you want the problem fixed, follow the simple instructions that I am putting 20 minutes of my life into writing for those technologically challenged, or simply hated by their electronics for whatever reason)


    1. Go to router setup page


    2. Look for a tab named something like "Wireless" (click it)


    3. Look for a tab named something like "Basic Wireless Settings" (click it)


    4. Now you should see a screen that has stuff like "Network Mode, Network Name, Channel Width, Channel, SSID Broadcast," etc.


    5. Look for Network mode (click it and you should see a drop-down menu)


    6. If possible, choose "Mixed" as this option provides you with the most compatibility and least amount of headaches. (click mixed and then save your settings by clicking the "Save Settings" button"


    7. If you want to be difficult (or are capable of doing this without completely boning your Wi-Fi for every other device) and only use a specific Wi-Fi standard (ex. 802.11a/b/g/n), first verify that the device you are trying to connect supports that wireless standard, and then you must ensure that every other device connecting also supports that standard or you will completely annihilate the ability to connect to your Home Wi-Fi on those devices. (and ensuing the wrath of the owners of those devices until you change the network mode back to 'Mixed")


    8. Check the "Channel Width," it should say either "Auto" or "20 MHz Only," and if it doesn't then you need to click it, select "Auto, or 20MHz Only" and click whichever you choose, (personally, I'd just click "Auto"), and save your settings by clicking the "Save Settings" button.


    This is where the ability to see the network and not connect is either your fault for playing with settings you don't understand, or your router manufacturer's fault for telling you to change it (or it being default). Because Apple devices do not support connecting to networks that use 40MHz channel width, besides those that support Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n; 802.11n on 2.4GHz and 5GHz). Many people who have connectivity issues can easily resolve them just by changing this one setting.


    9. Reboot your router after saving your settings. (wait 60 seconds to make sure that your changes were saved successfully- usually there is a dialogue that says so unless you are using a cheap router that was built before iPhone's came out)


    10. Verify your that your device is able to connect to the network, and if you are able to, then CONGRATULATIONS, YOU NOW MAY USE Wi-Fi ON YOUR DEVICES! If you aren't able to, then you either have an outdated router, or did not follow the instructions.




    I hope this guide helped you,


    thanks for reading guys!

  • Sk8Dreams Level 3 (855 points)

    ForgeMaster343 - The iPhone is a MOBILE device, which means that it is made to work with any router.  If your router is a problem, the fault is in the phone or the OS.  You should never have to change or even futz with your router to get your phone to connect properly.  I just went throught this with my new iPhone 5.  Since it was still under warranty, I got a replacement and have had zero problems since. (By the way, I tried every trick mentioned in this and other threads on the same subject, including 2 different routers, which I had on hand.)

  • RaoulBob Level 1 (0 points)

    Looks like taking a fixed IP adress inside the subnet of the DHCP server resolve some kinds of connection problem here, with a Netgear DGN1000.



    hope that can help.

  • Bobbygiorgiii Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks for the reply, but how does my wifi configuration prevent me from viewing all of my neighbours wifi connections????


    If my iphone cannot connect to my wifi it should stilll see any available networks right?

    My iphone cannot detect my neigbours networks....*** does this have to do with my router?????

    When my iphone wants to play ball it detects my network and all my neighbours, when it drops it it just searches, other times the wifi logo is greyed out with no wifi connection.

    This is not a wifi router's obvious. My iphone will not pick up the networks at work telling me a big multi has wifi issues too?


    This is a software/hardware issue. I want to detect it to get to the root of the problem. Some feedback on the software, but now am considering this to be a hardware problem. Keep the feedback coming!

  • ForgeMaster343 Level 1 (0 points)

    If it was made to work with any router, than why would you even have to put a password in? Why would you have a CONFIGURATION (basically the wifi options) in your settings app if you didn't have to do SOMETHING to make it work? The fix I posted wasn't meant for you to tell me publicly that it didn't work for you. Personally, I don't care. I posted it to help people who wanted help, not to have someone who doesn't understand the technology tell me that my wifi magically started working after following the steps I put above. This worked for everyone I know, and even the local high school who I provide NETWORKING services for. It's a mixture of both hardware and software as pointed out by another poster.




  • ForgeMaster343 Level 1 (0 points)

    Your inability to connect to your neighbors wifi is not surprising , as wifi has trouble traveling distance through walls. However, the wifi greying out is possibly a software issue. Many people had wifi problems after the new iOS update, which was due in part to a test page (that your device uses to check Internet connectivity when you connect to a network, however this process is invisible to you unless you have knowledge of how iOS works and the ability to track incoming and outgoing connections) being taken offline. Apple has since restored the page, fixing such problems, although there is the possibility of the site going down since machines do break.


    If your device has consistently had this problem, your best course of action is a fresh restore and proper network settings. Unless you are still under Apple's one year limited warranty or AppleCare, in which case you should call them or visit your local Genius Bar to have your phone's hardware tested.

  • hhelmbold Level 1 (0 points)

    Thank you for wasting 20 minutes of your time with your "holier than thou" response. There is a reason the Apple logo has a bite out of it... They will NEVER have the full apple! I have no time for guys calling other people idiots because something is not working and you believe you have the cure for cancer! This is a real problem and Apple refuses to acknowledge that their CRAP devices are the problem! Why would a iPhone work on a router and after upgrading to iOS 6 the SAME device suddenly doesn't work on the SAME router???? After upgrading an iPad to iOS6 it no longer connects with the SAME router???


    You have no time for Windows PCs... WELL THEY WORK!


    It's time for Apple to step up to the plate and fix their RUBBISH they are making millions of!

  • Sk8Dreams Level 3 (855 points)

    hhelmbold - You have my complete sympathies.  I think Apple will come up with a fix.  I think they do not know what the problem is at this point, hence no word.  That's a mistake businesswise, but nothing we can do about it.  I also have an iPhone 4, which I have not upgraded to iOS 6 because of these problems.  There is something you can do.  If your phone is out of warranty, and Apple will not replace it free, google for how to revert back to iOS 5.  It's agains the rulest to talk about how to do that here, but you will find info if you google. Your phone may even be worth more afterwards.

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