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    Sk8Dreams - thanks for your sympathies. To be honest... My 2 iPhones are now used as gaming devices for my kids and I have moved on. I still use my iPad in frustration but I get by. I have thought several times of moving back to iOS5 and I have also advised other family not to upgrade, but now it is becoming impossible to use the iPAd if you haven't upgraded! Apple is forcing the biggest load of rubbish down on everyone and they are not addressing the problems. There are several apps that now require iOS6, so what's happening is that the apps start to update on the iPad and then it just "hangs" - you can still use the apps that are not updating. But basically the iPAd is crippled until you update to iOS6... after which it gets totally busted!


    I really HATE Apple and the iPhone was the first Apple device I thought is quite cool and is working... until they stuffed it up like all their other devices with their software! Apple has AMAZING hardware - but their software developers is the piece that is missing from the logo... the bite that has been taken and spat out!

  • kenozz Level 1 (5 points)

    Like others I have had the many wi-fi problems discussed in this thread, it drove me insane to the point I abandoned my iPhone altogether


    In November 2011 I decided enough was enough, and switched to a Galaxy S3, it connected to my wi-fi (Apple Time Capsule) at once and as been rock solid ever since


    I would have never made this move as I was an Apple fan, but now I have discovered a world outside of the Apple ecosystem I am gradually switching all my stuff away from Apple


    I say this not to score points but to point out the damage Apple are doing by not addressing this wi-fi issue

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    After trying everything else I have decided to go down the service route. My phone is still covered by a 1 year warranty. I don't live near an apple store so will send my phone in for repair/replacement. Fingers crossed.

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    I have had the same issue, resetting hasn't helped. On the phone to apple for over an hour, now they are replacing my phone. How frustrating.

    They were going to charge me $50 for the shipping express option, I said this was not acceptable as it was an apple problem that has resulting in me requiring a new device, so they agreed to ship the new phone free of charge.

  • Bilroy Level 1 (0 points)

    My wifi suddenly stopped working, and then I recalled that my wifi finder app was messing up, so I deleted the wifi finder app and immediately everything else went back to normal.  If you have wifi finder app, try deleting it.

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    HI Greg TB - I wonder if you are ble to help me too please?


    I have tried pretty much every thing from turning off phones routers, forgetting network etc etc but nothing seems to allow me to log onto my home wifif.  Both my husband and son with a Iphone 3 and Iphone 4 are able to connect but my wheel keeps spinning and times out each time I try to reset it.


    It therefore does not have a tick on the left of the network that I want to connect to.  when I go to the IP address bit it seems to have picked up the IP address and subnet mask

    but not the routernor DNS.


    The IP address and the subnet mask number that my phone is picking up is different to the numbers and address on the other 2 phones???  very confused!!


    Are you able to shed any light on this please?


    Your help would be appreciated

  • chunwan Level 1 (0 points)

    funny.. i have all my devices on iOS6 working great... TROLLOLOLOL!


    i think the part that got spat out of the Apple logo was you... possibly you are cursed with bad luck on technology? :S runs in the family?

  • Bobbygiorgiii Level 1 (0 points)

    chunwan maybe you need to learn how to read. At least ForgeMaster343 gave some constructive input.

    My phone could not detect wifi networks, icon greyed out. This has nothing to do with router configuration. Tried all solutions given in this thread to no avail. Restored software, followed all step by step guides...all failed.

    Phone could not detect networks at work....huge credit card provider, you telling me I need to tell them how to configure their network?

    Sent phone back under warranty. Response.. If a hardware component has failed with an iPhone under warranty that is covered under warranty - not due to abuse or accidental damage, the iPhone will be exchanged. That is where I'm at.


    Before you get on your high horse calling people ingrates, maybe read the posts carefully. Troll you maybe, smart...I don't think so. Why you waste time to make your post amazes me. Helps no one, just kissing the *** of someone else who was trying to help. Get a life!

  • chunwan Level 1 (0 points)

    i assume you didnt read forgemaster343 follow up on the internet refresh page explaining wifi grey out. so shut up. hahaha as a credit card provider employee im surprised to you didnt read all the explainations before opening your trap. dont get me wrong im not kissing anybodies ***, im just surprised he took the time to help and type out the troubleshoot. when in fact after i was more surprised people who read it didnt bother trying it and just clearly thought their problem was anything special. its not. trollololol

  • chunwan Level 1 (0 points)

    you mad bro?

  • Bobbygiorgiii Level 1 (0 points)

    As I said, again learn to read. Tried it all, none of it worked...fool. Stop hanging on to someone elses tail coat idiot. The problem was with the phone. Go back to school ****tard! You got anything productive to say. Why post and hang out of the back of another poster? You have no solutions and nothing to say. Why you posting? troll. Can't fix anything. Can't say anything worth while, just point to another poster....go home to mommy...loser.

  • Bobbygiorgiii Level 1 (0 points)

    learnt to read yet bro!

  • chunwan Level 1 (0 points)

    you mad bro haha!

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    Where is the WEP key?

  • Bobbygiorgiii Level 1 (0 points)

    Ok, My support request was completed. Here is what apple said:- After thorough diagnostic testing, it has been determined that a replacement iphone*(enclosed) is necessary.


    I restored it with my backup from itunes, with my previous settings. The replacement phone is working perfectly, detecting all wifi networks on my street  including my home network. There was no need for me to change any of my router settings. Although my problems started after the ios 6 software upgrade, this must have been coincidental. It seems there was a hardware problem and this has resolved all of my isssues.


    Just thought I would post this update incase it could be of benefit to anyone else experiencing the same issues (especially those with an active 1 year  warranty) that impacted me.

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