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Does anyone know if any of the faulty Sandy Bridge processors which were produced at the start of the year made it into this iMac refresh? Or did Apple wait until the updated versions were produced before using them in their macs? By updated versions I mean the completely non faulty new versions of the chips not the ones that went back to intel and they just patched them up before sending them back out to vendors.


I am in the market for a 27" i7 iMac upgrade but this is the only issue stopping me from buying one straight away. I was thinking of leaving it a few weeks for the initial stock which may contain these faulty chips to sell through then hopefully get an iMac from a newer batch.

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    I'm sure it's pretty safe to say there are no issues with the current crop of Sandy Bridge procs in the 2011 refresh. Apple would make sure they'd cleared up any problems before rolling out the new iMacs, and If I recall correctly, Intel resumed shipping the corrected chips back in mid February. You should be fine.