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    I have a 27 inch i5 iMac 11,3 running Snow Leopard. (Currently 10.6.8) and have experienced the classic Airport issues discussed in this thread and so many others. I am writing to put on record something I noticed - not that it constitutes "a solution", but might be a useful clue for somebody trying to make sense of this mess.


    I had my Mac for just over a year with no wireless  issues. Then I started losing connection to the router, but of course could reconnect with an airport restart, every hour or two and then after trying various things (clearing caches, PRAM etc, moving right next to the router, changing router channels...)  - things deteriorated to every minute or two. I actually spent most of a week on this and have caused myself a lot of personal and work problems. No computer bug ever got to me like this one and I am a veteran of MANY unhealthy all-nighters and all-weekenders. I'm a Linux guy and have only gone with the one Mac box because I thought it would be a good move for work productivity. (Wrong, wrong, wrong!)


    Finally, I wiped my drive and reinstalled. Airport would then stay up only for seconds. It could load a single Web page or return two or three pings. I ran updates and then was back to the Airport connection surviving for minutes to half an hour. It talked with the Mac Store. They wanted to replace the Airport card for $250 - and/or sell me an Airport router. I'm not going to rage about this. Nobody knows much, and that might have fixed things somehow, but it really seems that the card is OK and my router is certainly fine. As everybody mentions, other devices on their WLAN have no connection issues.


    What I did notice, while endlessly changing encryption schemes and  router parameters, is that if I remove ALL encryption I have no connection problems. Although that might be an OK solution for somebody whose only unencrypted activities would be some web browsing and everything else is tunneling anyway, the guys at work won't let me do it. So, to run WPA2 personal I gave up and switched to an ethernet converter.


    This has been a long post and I apologize, but it might be yet another piece of information pointing to the driver. I wish I could remember whether there had been an update just before the problem surfaced. Unfortunately I just can't take the time to do more diagnostics, but I felt a responsibility to all the people who have been posting on this stuff for years to put down my experiences. And I presume somebody at Apple occasionally takes a look at this  embarrassing thread.

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    I tried to check the connection with ping from different devices in the same time and these are the results:


    - IMAC ping ROUTER/INTERNET(google) and PC : packetloss

    - PC ping ROUTERT/INTERNET(google) and MAC : no packetlos


    How can it's possible? I mean, IMAC ping PC with packet loss while in the same time PC ping IMAC with no packet loss?



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    I never had this problem before. After upgrading to Mountain Lion, i now have this problem with losing my wifi connection like every 10-15 minutes i lose connection for 2-3-4 minutes :-(

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    I've had my 27" iMac since the 2001 cycle came out and it's basically had problems with wifi connections the whole time. At first I thought it was my terrible internet provider (Time Warner) but my roommate's Windows laptop seems to have far less problems. I have it connected directly via cat5 as well but neither work stablely. And many times, if I have the cable in and pull it out during a time it's not working it starts working again and vise versa. I do have AppleCare but I'd rather not have to turn the whole computer in as that would mean backing it up and basically reformatting which I only like to do 1 a year.


    If anyone ever found a solution, cheers.



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    Has anyone seen the notes on 10.7.5 upgrade?


    The 10.7.5 update also includes fixes that:

    • Resolve an issue where icons in Launchpad may get rearranged after a restart
    • Improve Wi-Fi reliability for iMac (Late 2009 and newer)
    • Resolve an issue using Spotlight to search an SMB server
    • Improve compatibility connecting to Active Directory servers



    Let's keep our fingers crossed. Going to upgrade now and will report back later.

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    I'm so sick of this issue. I've been a part of this thread for many months and kept hoping that one of the updates to 10.7 or even the jump to 10.8 would fix it, but nothing. I've tried three routers and have had different experiences on all of them. My latest wireless router (a Netgear N150) is a terrible mix; I have to restart my iMac everytime I want to use the Wifi... then when it goes to sleep again, it goes in and out of connectivity, and then gives me a timeout error. I had previously been using a Netgear N300 router that eliminated most of the problems, but it had other problems and had to be replaced. The frustrating thing here is that my other devices (AppleTV, iPod Touch 4th gen, iPhone 3G, iPhone 5 and all my Windows computers) connect fine to the new Netgear N150 router, but now my iMac is acting worse than ever... and Mountain Lion didn't help one bit. =(

    Seriously... has anyone had sucess getting their iMacs repaired or replaced? Mine is under warentee but I'm scared of fighting over what might be labeled as "compatibility" issues with the Apple Store staff.

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    Hello all!

    I found this thread while looking to resolve my own Airport issues on my mid-2011 iMac. My issue was this.

    I could turn Airport on and it would not "see" ANY wireless networks (and certainly not my own private home network.

    I am running 10.8.2

    I double checked that there was a signal at the location of the iMac. Yes, and very good too!

    I turned Wi-Fi (Airport) off and on - no joy

    I restarted my router - no change

    I rebooted my iMac - no difference.

    I changed the Service Order - no difference

    I checked in About This Mac and can see the airport there, so system knows it has an AP card installed.


    Now for my success story.

    I took a big breath, and selected the Wi-Fi in the left side window of the Network Preferences

    Then clicked the "-" button to DELETE it.

    Yup. It went away.

    Then I clicked the "+" to add, selected connection type from the interface dropdown as wifi and gave it a name (I chose Airport).

    After that I stayed on Automatic in the preference panel, and for Network Name I used the drop down to chose Join Other Network.

    I typed in my wireless network name, selected the security level that exists on that network and then typed in the password.


    And 'lo ! My home WiFi popped right up and had a wonderful strong signal! I also noticed that I could now see all my neighbors incidental signals from their wifi as well!


    Things are 100% functional now and I am very happy.

    The only thing to keep in mind is

    The name of your home network

    The security type used

    The security password.


    I post this in hope that it may be of some help to others.



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    I too am having probles I belive my Imac is one of the many frist generations of intel Imacs and mine is having a contion issues like I to go up and Click on my apple airport bar click turn off apple airport and then turn it back on to keep using the internet. It was a 10.5 but it currently has 10.6.8 and its a 21.5in it aslo had 1gb of ram then i got it up to 2gb of ram also its and dual core. Could i just fix this by skipping the router and just go with an ethernet cable?

  • CMRM Level 1 (10 points)

    I'm still having the same issues two years later as well

  • shuistorm9 Level 1 (0 points)



    Your way works for me! I just need to delete the old or exisiting same WIFI network by - (Minus) the WIFI NAME and then type in manually the prefered network with the password and yes! it pops up like the good old days~

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    Only fix is to use an external wireless adapter.  Had similar problem for months, tried all the suggested fixes and nothing worked.  Then bought an ethernet wireless adapter (you can use usb adapter as well).  The problem is now GONE!  Have not had to restart since I did this and no dropped wifi.


    Sorry you got nailed like so many of us.  This is a widespread probelm and the only blemish on my experience of using many many apple products.

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    LOtang wrote:


    Here is what my fix was:  went into network preferences and deleted Ethernet, FireWire, and Bluetooth. Then selected advanced and deleted any extra networks.  I then went into Bluetooth preferences, advanced and un-checked the Bluetooth PDA Sync port. I had tried everything under the sun with no success until this. I have been without a dropout for 3 weeks. I have also gone back and undone the changes; the dropping out comes back after computer goes to sleep a few times. This has fixed it for me. Maybe will work for a few others.

    BTW I am over a year and a half with no issues whatsoever since I did tried the previously mentioned fix.

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