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Hey, folks. . .
I have a pretty small storage space on my computer (about 30 Gigs). I just bought a 60 GB ipod and want to transfer all my cd's onto this little bugger (I have about 1000 cd's!!!). So, because my computer has a rather small storage space, I plan on deleting all the songs from my itunes at about every 10 gigs. Unfortunately, as I was about to do this, the itunes program gave a message that stated it would automatically also delete all the songs on my ipod as it does an ipod update.

Is it possible to delete my song library on my itunes, then load up a new batch of songs on the itunes, and transfer it to my ipod without having to erase the songs that are already on my ipod? If there is a way, please let me know.

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    What you will need to do is connect your ipod and iTunes will open when your computer recognizes. To stop your iPod from deleting and automatically updating to what's in iTunes you will need to go to edit at the top. Then go to options (should be 2nd from last). That will open a window that will show different options with iTunes. Click iPod. From there select music. There should be an option for "manually update" on the screen. By clicking that it will allow you to connect your iPod without the threat of deleting everything on it. It will also allow you to delete everything off of iTunes and leave it blank until you want to reconnect your iPod and add or delete items. That's part one to your question...

    To delete the songs on iTunes just click the library button on iTunes. It should show all of your songs from there. Click on a song, hit CTRL+A (which should highlight everything) and then right click. From there click Clear and there you have it. You will delete everything from iTunes. Use this same method with your iPod. If you want to delete anything off. Don't use CTRL+A unless you want to delete everything. If your just wanting to delete just a handful of songs, just hold CTRL and click the songs you want to delete. Once you've highlighted the one's you want, just right click and clear.

    Hope this helps.
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    Ok, thanks. I figured the part out that involves itunes "not" erasing what's on my ipod. Here's another problem I just realized. Every time I connect my ipod, it automatically puts all the songs on my ipod onto the itunes. Then, when I disconnect the ipod, the songs don't show up on the library. Ok, I understand that that represents the songs on my ipod. But, here's the potential problem. My ipod has 60 Gigs of storage. . . my computer only has about 30. What happens when my ipod has all 60 gigs stored and I link it to my itunes. Will my computer not accept the ipod's songs - or will it not matter because the songs are never really stored on my hard drive, per se?

    I hope it's the latter. If anyone has had a similar situation and already knows the answer to this problem, I'd appreciate any replies.

    Thanks much,

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    when you connect to your computer it's not putting all those songs onto your computer, that would take days for 60 gigs to transfer. It's just showing you a listing of what's on your iPod at that time. But like you said, when you connect your iPod it will look like it comes up in your library. It's actually coming up under your iPod tab in box to your left.