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RedSwirl Level 1 (0 points)

I can't boot up iBooks at all on my iPhone 3G or my iPad. It will load up the library but after a few seconds it will crash to the home screen. I tried reinstalling the app and that fixed the problem for a few weeks but now it's happening again.


Has anyone else had this happen?

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    I had problems with games on my ibook. I couldn't solve it, so I've discovered Gameduell and keep on playing online games.

  • sergejfromberlin Level 1 (0 points)

    "I had problems with games on my ibook. I couldn't solve it, so I've discovered Gameduell and keep on playing online games."


    And it's still a funny hobby.

  • RedSwirl Level 1 (0 points)

    Does that have anything to do with iBooks the app?

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    I have a similar problem. I have an iPad (1) 16gb WIFI/3G. Every time I open iBooks and try to open an iPhoto album saved as a PDF, it opens for about 5 seconds and then quits. It then reverts bak to the home screen.


    I am using OS 4.3.3


    I have no problem opening and viewing this file on my iPhone 4 Verizon 16gb, on an iPod that a friend has, or on my iMac with Snow Leopard. 


    Something is wrong with either the iBooks App for the iPad or I have a bad iPad.

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    I have a 2G iPod Touch running iOS 4.2.1, I can get into my iBooks library, but when I try to go to the iBooks Store it crashes and I end up with the home screen.

    I did notice last night after getting onto iTunes that Apple made changes to iBooks that prevent you from buying books through iTunes unless you have iOS 4.3.3 (of course I don't know if this was an option available before iOS4.3.3 came around - never tried - but didn't need to then), I'm guessing for those of us who can't upgrade to iOS 4.3.3 we are screwed as far as buying new books. Unless it is just a problem with Apple's iBooks web site that is causing it to crash.

    So it looks like Amazon Kindel app will be getting all my book puchasing business!!!

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    I am having the same problem you describe, still looking for an answer...

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    I, too, am having the same problem. I have to download the book each week to be able to read it.

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    Hi Guys,

    I have a simple fix. Don't restore your iPad. Just remove the iBooks app from your iPad. Then download it again from the App Store on your iPad. Works great!

  • Kron Dos Level 1 (0 points)

    Nope. The problem continues. Tried it a couple of times to no avail.