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Problem: I cannot setup Bigpond email account with new iPad2 - Version 4.3.3 (8J2)


Have successfully joined my home wireless network, Safari browses the Net fine. However when I go to add an email account I get the following error message:


The SMTP server "mail.bigpond.com"is not responding. Check your network connection and that you entered the correct information in the "Outgoing Mail Server" field.


Home wireless network is secure - WPA/WPA2 (with passphrase that when input to iPad allows web browsing in Safari no problem.)

iPad 2, iOS 4.3.2, BoB 4-Port Wireless VOIP Router
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    I suggest you contact BigPond support

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    I have contacted Bigpond technical support. They have sent me back to Apple support. Going round in circles here.

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    Ok, after several hours the penny dropped!


    Using iiNet (ISP) for home Internet connection means the Outgoing SMTP server is actually: mail.iinet.net.au


    I know it sounds almost idocy that I didn't realize this from the begining.


    Perhaps it's not helped by the Apple setup auto-completing this field (complete with no user name & password).  Anyway it's fixed & working now!


    Can I also just say having to download 607MB straight out of the box to upgrade to 4.3.3 was a bit rough.  Although it did make having watched the latest South Park with the Human Centipad episode more epic!

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    do you know what would happen if you took your ipad overseas and connected to the wifi in the hotel? would you be able to send emails with the same outgoing mail server information?

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    HELP - anyone in Australian area. I have nearly lost my mind setting up email on IPAD2.  I keep getting "Cannot get mail; the user name or password for "Bigpond" is incorrect".  I have already set up my personal email address, but am trying to set up a friends email who is an 'additional mailbox' via my Bigpond account.  I have deleted, added, deleted, added until I am numb with pain!!!!!  HELP - Apple?????

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    I have a Bigpond email account and I can't get access to my emails via Mail on my iPad2 (had the same message as you, incorrect user name or password).  I went to Telstra today to get a tech guy to look at it and he said it's a very common problem and it's Bigpond's fault for doing this!!!! He sounded fed up with them and he works for them! He suggested I call them.  Huh?  What happened to personal service these days??  Anyway, I can't use the phone as I don't hear well...so I'm stuck!

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    I finally got mine working!!  Go to this link http://go.bigpond.com/help/email/ and follow the settings.  It's no longer mail.bigpond.com for incoming/outgoing...as they've changed it to live.com since mid-feb for all new customers.  makes you wonder why the tech guy at Telstra shop didn't now this!

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    I had the same problem with bigpond. I went into the Telstra shop in Moonee Ponds, VIC and the tech guy there fixed my problem!!! He was amazing!!!


    When I walked into the store, there was a waiting time of 40 minutes before I could see the guy and had to set up an appointment! Let me tell you... now I know why there where people lined up to see him. He was well worth the wait.


    I explained the problem and he didn't know the answer. But for the next 30 minutes, I saw his dedication to solving my problem, he was on google searching if other people had the same problem, he called other Telstra stores and then he even called his university and spoke to the IT department there. He even gave me a tutorial on how to use the iPad.


    He was showing me a feature of the iPad when he came up with an idea and then tried it and it worked!!! He explained it to me, but I was just excited that it worked!


    All my family see him now! (and I book my appointments online with him, a day in advance!) If you still have the problem or any problems, go see him. Adrian is his name.