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I just installed an MacProtector version 2.6 as an update and now rude websites are randomly popping out when my son was using the internet.

I tried fixing it by checking the system preference security and blocking pop out, the problem still persist.  Also my son informed me that when he attempted to log on to his youtube account, it is telling him that someone is still already logged in when in fact he has not yet logged in.  Please help.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.2)
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    Do a complete reset of Safari, click the Safari in the menu and then click Reset Safari. 

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    You have to remove this garbage. It's a scam.


    First, restart in Safe Boot by holding the Shift key down at the chime. Or, alternatively, open Activity Monitor in Utilities, set to Active Processes, find the program and force quit it. This will keep it from running, so you can remove it.


        1.    Drag the MacSecurity program -- or whatever it's called, MAC Defender, MacProtector (installed in the Applications folder by default) to the Trash. Empty the Trash.

        2.    Remove item of same name from the Login Items for your Account in the OS X System Preferences (if it exists).

        3.    Go to your Home folder Library>Preferences and Application Support (may not be one there) and search for any files with one of the above names and trash them. Empty the trash.

        4.    If you use Safari, go to Preferences>General and UNCHECK "Open "safe" files after downloading." Keep that unchecked.


    If you paid for it, they have your credit card #. Call your credit card and dispute the changes. Also, cancel the card ASAP.


    As a precaution, change your password.