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How do I change from my husband's email address and iTunes account to mine?

iPhone 4
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    Settings>General>Reset>Erase All Content & Settings. Should take but a minute or two & when finished the phone will look just like it did when taken out of the box. Plug it in, your iTunes running, name it what you want & sync your content to the phone.

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    Thanks so much!  However, I'm now afraid to take the next step.  The two prompt options are "Erase iPhone and Cancel".  The first option comes with a warning... "This will delete all media and data, and reset all settings".  What exactly does this mean?  will I lose the conacts, email and the few aps I have?

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    Yes, you will loose all your media and data.

    All your media, contact info and apps etc., have to be in saved in your computer in iTunes, so after erasing all content, the next time you sync your iPhone to your computer it will sync all your apps, media, etc. automatically


    You need to have your own computer with your own iTunes account, if your current iTunes is set to your husband, you can click Store-Sign Out, also Deauthorize computer. After that, Sign in to iTunes or create your own account. Connect your iPhone and click Restore and it will automatically erase all content and sync to your media, apps, and also your iTunes account.

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    Copied from my initial post:


    "when finished the phone will look just like it did when taken out of the box."


    In your initial post, you said you wanted to change your husbands info, I interpreted this to mean you wanted to erase his info...if you just want to sign out of his account...Settings>Store...tap the ID shown...sign out...then sign back in using your account details.

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    Thanks for the help Guys!