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I seem to have duplicated a whole series of images that now show up as "version 2". This means I have 60 images plus 60 that are duplicates - in many folders/albums.


Can someone please advise as to whether there is a convenient was to delete these - preferably with some kind of manual operation that involves a sort within each album/folder?


ideally I would like to view these before deleting them but right now this involves Shift clicking on all 60 of them individually and it will be problematic to keep going like this. Is there a way to sort in the List if the important  part that you want to sort is /appended/? e.g. "Image 60 - version 2"


Thanks for any help.

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    Filter by name for "Version 2", give those all a color label, clear the filter,  make sure your Browser Metadata overlay is showing color labels, and sort?


    Then "9" each of the images you want to delete.


    Then either "Show all" or filter for just rejected images, review, and then send 'em to the trash.


    Also useful might be to narrow the first search by excluding images which have adjustments added.  Or limit to a date range that includes the time of the accidental duplication?


    Lots of ways to narrow, mark, group, & sort.

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    hi Kirby. Thanks.


    Can I ask you where I find the filter feature and also - if I can in fact filter by "version 2" is there a reason I can't just multiple select those images and delete them?



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    Page 392, ff, in the User Manual covers the Filter HUD.


    Bring it up by clicking the stand-alone button w. a white magnifying glass on a dark field.  The button is just left of the search field at the top right of the Browser.


    Click "Add Rule" to see all the possible sets of filter criteria.  You can search on text using the "Text" Rule, or search on the Version Name as one of the drop-down selections in the "Aperture" Rule.


    The easiest thing -- once you've grouped the mis-created images -- is to simply select all and delete.  The only reason I recommended a longer route was to meet the requirement you specified:  "ideally I would like to view these before deleting them".  This seems a better plan.  Aperture appends "Version #" to all newly created Versions, so it makes sense to be sure you haven't lassoed more images than just the ones you are trying to group in order to delete.