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Hi All.


I am loving Aperture but have my hands full converting to mac and getting work done at the same time.


Would someone mind advising me as to whether there is a way to convert an Album to a Project or a Project to an album?


I am doing a series of kinematic rotations that involve 60 images per animation and it seems that the correct way to import these is as Albums within a Project. This way each view of 60 comes in as an album and all of these fall within a Project.


I have accidentally imported items in the wrong way and see that I have a whole series of these each showing up individually as its own Project. I'd like to turn each of these into an Album and put them all under one project.


Thanks for any help as I start to get this database shipshape.





  • Kirby Krieger Level 6 (12,510 points)

    Re-importing is your best bet.  (I have been down that cul-de-sac.)


    There is no automatic conversion of Albums to Projects, or vice versa.


    Depending on how you've structured your Library, you might find some use of the "Duplicate Project Structure" feature.


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    Hi Kirby,


    Can I please ask you to elaborate on the depending on how you've structured your library part? Also, can you point me to where I find the duplicate project structure feature and when or why you think this would be useful?



  • mrhooper Level 1 (65 points)

    Hi Jonathon,

    Depends on how much work it all needs to be.


    You can create an Album. the export>Album as Library,

    Then reimport that 'new' library, and use the Add box, not the Merge.

    You'll get a competley new project, with separate images and your old Album will still be in the library.


    Now I suspect I have missed something in the process, and don't think you would want to do this more than once or twice before the fun went out of it.

    But it is possible.


    On another note, it is possible to select the images across many projects and make an album of those images. Then they would all be together and you could use manual sort to figure out the correct sequence.

    Oh the possibilities.




  • Jade Leary Level 3 (665 points)

    Well, since they're already in their own projects (which means they're sorted the right way) I'd do this:

    1) Create a new main Project

    2) Create the albums I need for each rotation inside this project.

    3) Drag the images form the old projects to their specific album.


    Once they're all in the right albums you can simply drag the pictures from the individual projects to the new main project that contains the albums. This will transfer them since an image can only be in ONE project. Your albums will stay the same but now all the photos will also be in this main project.


    Should work.

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    Thanks Jade. Very helpful.