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Hi all,


I feel like I've tried everything, but I just can't get Aperture (the latest version with all the updates) to print from my MacBook Pro on my Epson photo printer the way I could from other photo software on my old PCs.  On my old PCs, when I would print a photo from Canon DPP or Capture One, or even the Windows photo management software, I get a rich menu of dialogue boxes for the Epson printer offering different qualities of prints, different papers to choose from, "photo enhancement," and lots of other options.  Prints came out sharp, colorful, and just great.


When I print from Aperture, I get none of these options (I get color management and resolution, and that's about it).


When I print from Aperture, I get vertical lines in the prints, visible dots, and pixellation.  So what I do is email the "exported" versions to my daughter's PC laptop and print from there -- and get good results.  Boy, that's a pain.


Surely Aperture can do better than this.  So what am I missing?  Any ideas for what I should be doing?


Thank you.

MBP 15" i7, 2.8GHz, hi-res, non-glare, Mac OS X (10.6.6), iPod Touch 4G, iPod Nano 5G, Aperture 3.1.1
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    Oh my lord.  After a solid year of wrestling with this, I have figured out my own stupidity and am now -- finally -- printing in top quality on my Epson from Aperture and my MacBook Pro.  I offer the following in case there's anyone out there nearly as dull-witted as I am.


    Who knew?  In Aperture, when you hit "print image," you get another dialogue box with paper size, color management, etc.  Then you hit "print."  Then you get another dialogue box with some junk if you expand it.  IN THE MIDDLE OF THIS dialog box (hiding in plain sight), there's a drop-down menu that includes, among other things, "print settings."  And it's HERE that you can choose the paper, the quality, etc.  Only about 4 menus away from the print command.


    I have been looking for this FOR A YEAR!  I have been posting and asking and calling and deleting profiles and downloading drivers and re-installing software FOR A YEAR!!


    I'm really happy that I found this, but could Apple have made this any more difficult to find??!?

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    Canon MP990 and Macbook pro (os X snow lep.. and Lion) - Lines in prints in Aperture.


    While a bit vague I got there and found the distinction between the printer driver managing it and the printer managing the photo quality causing the issues. 


    I could only transfer the pic's to iphoto and print for ( admitedly about the same time of more than a year).


    The FIX

    in the first window after selecting print scroll down to rendering and select printer managed.


    Select all the other settings you need then select print on the right bottom of this window.


    This next dialogue box at the bottom is a show details button then a new set of menus are present (initial is layout in a pull down menu)  select color matching then automatic ( you can change this but it worked so if it is not broken I'll play later ).


    You should have clear prints with no lines...

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    Thank you Mark.  Aperture will now print at high resolution with no stripes.

    However, I cannot get it to do borderless prints on letter size paper.

    I choose the borderless print option but it does not work.

    The letter size paper is also chosen.



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    I found the answer to my issue.  It was in the double usage of the printer driver and the software driver.  When you select print there are options on the left of the new window.  you can expand these out and you can goto rendering down the side and change this to printer managed.  This should solve the issue.