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tried to reset iphone by holding both home screen button and sleep/wake button.. it then showed the 'connect to itunes' screen, so i connected it to itunes and clicked restore, my computer then started to download and update, but half way through the download stopped and said i had an error occur and that i should check my internet settings..
it has been almost 5 days now, and everytime i try to download the update, i get the same response. i have tried re downloading itunes, i also tried putting the phone into DFU but it didnt work, it is just stuck in recovery mode and on that same screen. it is unlocked. please help.!

iPhone 3GS, unlocked
  • GregTB Level 2 Level 2

    What is the error code? Also, have you tried turning off your Virus Protection/Firewall software, and then attempting the restore again?


    - Greg

  • rachelfromgrabben gullen Level 1 Level 1

    im not sure if it has an error code.. it just stops halfway through saying 'error occured, check your internet connection settings and try agacin' or something .. my virus protection and my itunes arent currently on my computer as im pretty sure the new update crashed my computer ... and weve only just got it up and running to put more virus protection on it..


    when my boyfriend brought it, it was locked to telstra, so i rung up telstra and they unlocked it, so i originally had downloaded the update to unlock it, and then because of the update the phone stopped working thats when i did the sleep/wake and home screen button to reset it.. but it just stuck on connect to itunes screen and then when i plug it into the computer, and click restore it just doesnt work.. its been about 5 days so far.. and ive just run out of options.. im considering taking it to apple but i'd love to have it fixed so i dont have to do that.


    any idea's on what to do would be great.


    - rach.

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    You say you tried putting it into DFU mode but it didnt work. What exactly didnt work? Did it fail to go into DFU mode, or did it fail to restore out of DFU mode? When the iPhone is properly placed into DFU mode the screen will be completely blank with nothing on it, and iTunes will respond saying the iPhone is in recovery mode. If thats not what happened when you tried to put it into DFU, then I would try a DFU mode restore again. If that does not work, I would try restoring the iPhone from another computer.


    - Greg

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    i tried putting it in DFU mode again and it worked.. only problem is.. my itunes is still coming up the error.. but i now know what the error is called .. it is error 3259 ..


    and this is what it comes up when it gets into downloading ..


    there was a problem downloading the software for the iphone "iphone".

    the network connection timed out.


    make sure your network settings are correct and your network connection is active or try again later.


    but im not sure if, i download the new itunes 10 whether it will crash my computer again.. or if it was the new iphoen update itself that crashed my computer ...
    my parents are a bit weary and would like to wait until they can re download our virus protection software ..


    i noticed that putting my phone into DFU mode took the download update from being 450MB (whatever the latest update is) to 259. something MB .. so does that mean its trying to download the previous update and that technically it is working? 

  • GregTB Level 2 Level 2

    Please refer to this article for your particular error.




    - Greg

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    running to put more virus protection on it..


    Disable your a/v software and turn off the Firewall. Then try restoring your iPhone.


    Disable antivirus software




    iTunes: Backing up, updating, and restoring your iPhone  software

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    It is not necessary to redownload the update because it is in recovery. Once again if this isn't allowed, please delete this. Just google TinyUmbrella and tell it to kick your device out of recovery. 90% of the time it will work

  • rachelfromgrabben gullen Level 1 Level 1

    so i put the iphone into DFU mode.. and it started to contact apple and then it came up something about the iphone not being recognized or incompatible .. ?? help!