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I am trying to install Safari 5.05 for Leopard, but during the installation process, the error message above appears when selecting the volume to install it on.


Apparently the minimum OS requirement for Safari 5 on Mac is 10.5.8, which my Mac has.  My Mac's processor is a 2.66 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo (the default for one of the Intel Macs that came out a few years ago), which should be good enough for Safari 5.  I am attempting to install via an admin account.  There is nothing in Apple Software Update relating to Safari (the current working version of Safari that my Mac has is 4.05).


Any help please?

Safari 5, Mac OS X (10.5.8), 2.66 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
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    There is nothing in Apple Software Update


    Try the Safari 5.0.5 standalone installer.



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    So, on that page I should click on the Download button to the right?  It just takes me to http://www.apple.com/safari/download/, where the "Safari 5.0.5 for Leopard" is what I initially tried, and is what resulted in the aforementioned error message during the installation process.  See below for screenshots of the installer error message and my Mac's details, respectively:






    I also tried the Snow Leopard and Tiger versions of Safari just in case those worked, but obviously I didn't have the correct Mac version, so I couldn't even begin the installation process.

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    I know it's approaching a dumb question, but do you have administrator rights to the computer? We need to get that basic item off the table first.

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    Yep, as viewed at System Preferences --> Accounts, my account is definitely an admin account.  I also tried via another admin account that was on the computer, and got the same results.

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    If it makes any difference, Safari 4.0.5 and Apple Mail 3.6 have had problems ever since a power outage occurred while the Mac was updating.


    For example, in Safari, many sites only work in simpler/basic modes (e.g. Gmail only works in HTML mode), and in both Safari and Mail some menu item text is gone although the items still operate:




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    Should I try reinstalling the programs via the Leopard DVD?

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    I tried reinstalling Safari and Mail via the Optional Installs installer in Install Disc 1, highlighted at http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3415.


    And sure enough, despite selecting Mail and Safari in each of three attempts, each time I received an error message claiming that there was no software found to install:




    Why must Apple make it so difficult to reinstall something?


    Any ideas please?  This thread has been open for nearly 3 months.

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    What "brilliant" service Apple!


    Your own software can't even be properly updated.  Safari has been broken since forever, and I haven't received one helpful response.


    What an eccentric company and fanbase, the way broken products and apps are regurgitated into the market and somehow find their way into the hands of fellows who continue to put up with it.  I'll be sure to pass on the "good word".

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    Hi Pat


    some Safari updates required previous 'security' updates - so assuming that you're up to date on those, it would seem that some compatibility check made by the installer for 5.0.5 (or 5.0.6 now, if you've tried that too?) is failing due to a change on your system, perhaps a file missing or altered.


    The 'long' or cosnervative way round would be to reinstall & update as needed - but I'd consider downloading the appropriate Safari installer - 5.0.6 presumably, then using Pacifist from http://charlessoft.com/ to 'force' the install (see the usage instructions), then immediately restart the computer.


    After that, you should find that 5.0.6 would install again w/o trouble - not that you need to.


    The above usually works out fine, but you should have a good backup in any case.