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  I have tried mp4 and mov. files but I always get " can not download - video file is not supported by iPad" . The best part is, I can't even playback videos that are recorded from my iPhone. Any advise?

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    That's interesting, as MPEG-4 (.mp4) videos are the preferred format.


    That's the format youtube uses for Apple devices (Normally youtube uses flash, but it's not supported by Apple)


    Other formats supported are:






    If you've tried these, might have something to do with the site you're getting them from. As far as I know, the iPhone also formats as .mp4. Might be a problem with the iPad, so try restoring it (sync first) from iTunes.

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    Max resolution is only 1280 x 720 or 720p.  This is found when looking up the properties of the video.  If you are using a Mac then all you would have to do is open the video in QuickTime and then resave it to 720p which would work fine with the iPad

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    How can I save my videos without converting them into mp4 files?

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    Not sure the context of you trying these types, but perhaps this will help.


    I found that my Safari browser (iPad or Windows Safari) also would not respond to MP4 file types I had links to on the web page I was authoring. Couldn't figure it out for a while.


    Then, I realized that I had the wrong "type" attribute on the web page. Once I changed the tag to something like what is below, it worked just fine. In other words, it wasn't the browser, it was the page that was wrong.

    <source src="videos/Test.mp4" type="video/mp4">


    I did read something on another problem report discussing "agents" for handling file types. If my tip doesn't shed any light, perhaps look at the Safari Preferences, turn on "Show Develop menu in menu bar", then look at the Develop menu's User Agents options. Maybe one of them has the setting you need. This may not work, so I'm not prepared to add anything more to the suggestion.



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    Dear Csum1

    I pressumed you were recorded 1080p using iPhone 4S, right?


    The iPad [original iPad, iPad2, and the new iPad 2012] can play 1080p x.264 AVC or regular h.264 Video Stream with AAC audio 2ch / 6ch multi Audio Stream, multi subtitle stream, and chapter stream using MP4 Container.

    However the original iPad and the iPad2 is forbidden for inputting the 1080p MP4 using iTunes


    To play 1080p mp4 video thru iPad, there are 2 option:

    1. Play using the Video app, and inputting the 1080p using third party idevice manager.
    2. Play using third party video player.


    For option 1. [PC only] using third party idevice manager.

    • Make sure your iPad on "manually manage songs" setting, please refer to http://support.apple.com/kb/ht1202
    • Download and install third party idevide manager: Copytrans manager free
    • Plug the iPad to the computer
    • Close the iTunes
    • Start up the Copytrans manager
    • Drag the videos 1080p mp4 to right column, you can add metadata as you wish
    • Click the Update button, wait the copying process done.
    • Click th Eject button, and unplug the iPad
    • Watch you video in Video app


    For option 2.using third party video player.

    • Download and install third party player: OplayerHD Lite for free
    • Go to OplayerHD Lite, make sure the setting is using Quicktime Plugin is turned on.
    • Plug the iPad to the computer
    • Go to the iPad apps on iTunes, on the below screen, you see second menu.
    • On second menu,Click the OplayerHD lite, drag or copy the 1080p MP4 video into it.
    • Wait until iTunes finished, unplug
    • Enjoy your video on oPlayerHD Lite


    Sorry for any grammar mistakes.

    Greetings from Indonesia

  • tatok Level 1 Level 1

    For iPad you can play video other than mp4 by:



    1. Using third party player: such as OplayerHD Lite that maximum 720p such as Matroska container, FLV container,  AVI container.

    2. Re-muxing the stream into mp4, it is possible if all stream such as x.264 / AVC / h.264 Video with AAC audio stream. Muxing only re-saving into other container, it takes 1 seconds to 15 minutes maximum for 1080p 2 hours movie.

    3.  Re-encode the whole movie to mp4, this take 1 hour to 1 night, if the stream cannot be player by iPad spec.


    For option 1: Clear enough.


    For option 2 : [PC only - XMedia Recode], this you can view 1080p mp4 movie, take 1-10 minutes

    • Download and install Xmedia Recode and mediainfo PC.
    • Open the video, make sure the Video is AvC or H.264, or it needs to re-encode using Handbrake or Xmedia Recode, Check the audio, make sure is AAC 2 ch/6ch
    • Check the mp4 output, Custom format, sync audio/video
    • On the Video tab, check video copy if the video already on AVC or H.264. It will take minutes.
    • If it is not AVC or H.264 then uncheck the video copy to re-encode the video. And it will takes hours.
    • On the Audio tab, check audio copy if the stream already AAC 2ch/6ch. It will take secods.
    • If it is mp3, AC3, DTS , Ogg then it needs to re encode the audio, It will take minutes.
    • Insert the title as wish, Dont edit/crop if you are just mux / copy check the video.
    • subtitle muxing are not supported to be muxed using Xmedia Recode, nor multi audio streams.
    • Add job, Start. The mp4 will be delivered in secods or 10 minutes max if just mux.
    • If you have subtitle, or extracted from MKV, make sure has same name file and subrip srt mode.
    • You can mux subtitle and mp4 using Subler that available on Mac only.
    • You can add metadata, cover, chapter using iTunes or Subler.
    • You can view the mp4 without subtitle or m4v Subler result using Video app iPad, or
    • You can view the mp4 + movie subtitle srt using third party player like OplayerHD Lite with iTunes plugin on.
    • Please remember the 1080p MP4 needs Copytrans manager for transfer to the iPad Video app



    For option 2 : [Mac only MKV input- Subler], you can have the 720p /1080p subtitled m4v for 1-10 minutes

    • Download and install Subler free and mediainfo mac free
    • Open the video, make sure the Video is AvC or H.264 MKV, if not you must using Handbrake to re-encode it.
    • Check the audio, make sure is AAC 2 ch/6ch using mediainfo mac, if it is AC3 will be converted easily using Subler.
    • On preferences Subler, check the jpg chapter, and encoding AC3 to Stereo AAC.
    • Import mkv streams to subler, after open the mkv.
    • If you have multi sound, make sure the first stream is AAC, and the Group Alternative is 1 for all audio streams. If not multi audio stream, just Set Group Alternative  to none.
    • If you have subtitle, or multi subtitle, make sure set Group Alternative to 2 for all subtitle, or 1 if the Audio Stream is none Group.
    • Add chapter if you wish, chapter should after subtitle streams.
    • Insert the title and cover as wish and others metadata as you wish
    • Save as m4v. Check both 64 bit if your file ouput was bigger than 2GB.
    • Optimize the m4v.
    • Please donate to the subler if it useful.



    For option 3: Re-encode with Handbrake take long hours

    Clear enough. With Handbrake you must re-encode the whole movie, but you can mux the soft subtitle also.

  • Gkar275 Level 1 Level 1

    Thank you very much for posting these instructions, tatok!!!


    I was able to use CopyTrans Manager Free to transfer my mp4 videos to my iPad 3rd-generation.

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    Maybe you need a video converter to convert videos' format. I recommend a video converter named Aneesoft iPhone Video Converter which can convert many videos to iPhone. The stable and speed of conversion are nice!

    I think you can have it a try.