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Both my MacBook Pro and my iMac will not burn DVDs.  They will burn CDs but not DVDs.


They used to but not anymore.


I even tried a Aplle Branded DVD and had no luck.  Also TDK and Fuji Film.  Alll of these disks worked before I have half empty 100 packs to prove it.


I believe there is an issue of some sort of software or firmware upgrade that made this happen but I am not interested and reinstalling an old version of OSX to get the optical drives to work properly.


Has Apple acknowledged and offered a fix for this yet?


If I don'y find a solution here there's going to be some warm fuzzy words exchanged at the "Genius" bar this evening.


Yes I blew out both drives with compressed air and quite frankly I don't feel I should have to buy a large sellection of different brands of DVDs to find one that might work.


Thanks in advance




2.16 Intel Core Duo 17" mac Book Pro OS X Ver 10.6.6