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Does anyone know how to import album artwork into iTunes for a WAV file.  Nothing happens after bringing in the artwork.  Can it be done?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.4.10)
  • Charles Aroutiounian Level 1 (35 points)

    Just convert them into .m4a (the iTunes format)

    iTunes>Advanced>Create AAC version then it will create a .m4a version of your .wav file

    in the iTunes music library.


    Then you can use the 'Get Album Artwork' in iTunes but it must have same Artist and Album name than the song

    in the iTunes Store

  • lsixecho Level 1 (65 points)

    Can't be done. You can however convert it to a different format and then apply album artwork. Here's the apple support document about what you asked and it has a link to how to convert the song to one that can have album artwork:



  • Charles Aroutiounian Level 1 (35 points)

    Otherwise use this free Mac software MetaX



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    To keep the music files in WAV., I've found a work around, not perfect but works. Add a short track (no music) to the album in AAC or MP3 format. Selection the entire album and then add artwork in the "get info" section. Now the artwork will show for the album/iTune Library, but not each track. This way you can see the artwork in the library.

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    @Dj_AmTraX: good tip!

    I tried to first load my music as apple lossless and added the artwork (via get info, artwork, add) then loaded all the music a second time additionally in the WAV file format. The album artwork then appeared in iTunes for all the WAV files too. So one could say yes, it can be done but apparently on iTunes only with a bit of extra work and the restriction of needing to have the music stored in two different formats.


    It is a pity that Apple's iTunes doesn't support linking WAV files to artwork jpgs as standard.

    The more mp3-like the product the less likely they seem inclined to offer good functionality for the (hi-fi, bulkier) WAV format. Now storage is so less expensive they should maybe re-think? I find high-resolution audio files so much better on a good hi-fi system ;-)


    @any_WAV_enthusiast: Who has found the method above to work for them?


    Maybe someone now knows a quicker or easier method to get artwork shown for WAV files in iTunes / on i-devices?

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    WAV files do not have the tags for artwork. The app itself needs to link the artwork (AAC, MP3, Apple Lossles and AIFF all have tags to store artwork in the file itself.).


    WAV format is the same quality as AIFF and Apple Lossess and the CD.


    It is a pity that Apple's iTunes doesn't support linking WAV files to artwork jpgs as standard.

    It's really more of a pity that WAV files do not have tags for artwork and all other info.

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    True currently for iTunes only!


    WAV files actually do support all types of tags (something not everyone seems to be aware of). Actually you can even attach videos to WAV files as there are absolutely no size restrictions. Of course when IBM and Microsoft designed the WAV format back in 1991 storage was unbelievably expensive. But today WAV files can be easily stored.

    WAV files can be used more flexibly by various software products - but of course not with iTunes ... ;-(

    Even basic software like the Windows Media Player supports WAV file tags ... do check it out!


    It is still a mystery to many why WAV tags can't be recognized by iTunes automatically ....

    ... but maybe they'll be supported one day (hopes!)