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Hello All:


Tomorrow my new iMac arrives.  I want to migrate all of my current settings, applications and data from my MacBook Pro (2007) over.  I am currenty running OSX 10.6.7.  I run Time Machine onto a USB drive.  I have heard that you can either use Migration Assistant via direct Firewire or Time Machine.  Which is the best or does it even matter?



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    When you turn on your new Mac it will ask if you would like to migrate data from a TM or another Mac.

    Connect your Time Machine USB drive and use it.  It's best to do it during intial setup.




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    Migration Assistant....type ' Migration Assistant' in spotlight...

    It's a litte bit long but it works very well

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    Thanks Captfred-will update the Time Machine back up prior to initial setup.  Quick question, should I plug in the USB backup drive prior to starting the new iMac?

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    I don't think it really matters but waiting for the Setup assistant is probably safer.



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    Absolute disaster trying to use this Migration assistant! First of all it caught me in a loop because the OS on the new computer was not the same version as the old computer. Only after backing out of Migration Assitant a couple times did I finally get the message that I had to bring my new iMac up to date with the OS. Fine I did that thinking that perhaps that was the reason it wasn't sinking with the Firewire. No go. Still doesn't recognize the Firewire. So haw about two up-to-date computers and USB. It seemed to update users but I sure can't see any difference. And there is no longer a Mac HD icon on the desktop. How about moving 500 GB via WiFi. Sure except around the 3/4 mark I'm told there is a problem with my WiFi. Well, everything else is working. So now I'll try a Drobo restore routine. Migration Assistant is garbage. After 25 years working w/Macs this is equaling at least the biggest wste of my time of all of the OS's of the past.


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    Rogue Butterfly;


    That's why many of us recommend SetUp Assistant on first boot of the new Mac or clean installation. One user account, no permissions problems.


    However, your description of the problems you're having don't sound like the normal MA glitches. You'd be better starting your own thread for that.

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    I feel you big time.  I am going from one Macbook Pro (3 yrs old) to a new one. Giving my son who is off to college which after asking for $50K from me...says...hmmm... oh yeah... you need to set him up with  a MacBook Pro as well.... OK... but kid, you get my old one. I get the new one.

    Tried Migration Assistant...and crashed after two hours. Now trying it again. Thank god it's saturday and the British Open is on.... so not a total waste of time.


    By the way, using Ethernet cables. So we'll see with round two.

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    My problem is that the migration assistnat does not find the external hardrive where I have my timemachine backup.

    This means that I have to do everything manually? Hours and hours of work. Thanks Apple!

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    Once again; you have a different problem to the OP.


    Start your own thread. The TM drive not being recognised could be down to many reasons. Without much more information no-one can help you.


    And we're all users here; not Apple employees.