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Is there an external data storage device for an IPAD? 64MB is not enough for me. . . o_O " HELP ! "

iPad, iOS 4.3.2
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    The iPad has 64GB not 64MB

    Also depends on what you want to save. You can't attach a USB Stick or USB HDD, but you can access many data online in a cloud, like Mobile Me, Dropbox, Your own server etc.

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    Oops, I mention to type GB. Thanks Stress Test. I was hoping Apple would have an an external drive like they do for their other devices. . . O_o ?

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    Does anyone know if the TIME MACHINE would serve my purpose for a external storage device for my IPAD 64 GB. . . o_O ?

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    Time Machine is for OS X, not iOS.  Your computer and iTunes is your extra storage.  Just synch the items you need at the time, and turn the others off.  I do it all the time.

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    What sort of things do you have that add up to so much storage space?  If it is music, videos or photos, as GW said, your computer and iTunes are your external storage.  SImply sync your iPad and move music, video and photo files back and forth to the iPad.


    If it is data like document files, etc., there are many ways you can use cloud services to make your files accessible to your iPad.  In my case, I have a full iPad plus access to an additional 100 or so GB of files through a combination of Dropbox and WebDAV servers.  I can get those files any time I have a live connection to the Internet -- or essentially always.


    There are also ways to deal with the music, videos and photos with cloud storage, for example if you are a professional photographer.

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    Hi Jistcured,


    I have music, video and also store Tons of pictures. In some of the locations I work in Internet access is limited. My laptop is now set-up strictly for business. It is already maxed out and has crashed at let's say not to opportune time. I'm trying to build a BULLET PROOF SYSTEM or at least a Fool proof one till they can come up with a fool that can make it crash. I love my IPAD and wish to create or purchase a Rock solid data storage system separate from WIFI/G3 service.


    Living the dream,

    Walt.  o_O

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    The internal storage is all you will have with at this time with the iPad.

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    There may be others.


    Here is an interesting product:




                                            Size & Weight                               






    •                                                 802.11b/g (54 Mbps max)                                       
    •                                           Range: 50m (160 ft) line of sight                                       
    •                                           Maximum simultaneous connections: 8                                       
    •                                           Configurable security: open and WEP; WPA available in upcoming firmware release                                       


    •                                                 USB 2.0 High Speed (480 Mbps)                                       
    •                                                 USB Mass Storage Class                                       

                                            Power & Battery                               

    •                                                 Built-in rechargeable lithium polymer battery (non-replaceable)                                       
    •                                                 Charging via USB connector to computer or powered hub                                       





                                            SD / SDHC Card up to 32 GB (user supplied)                               





                                            Wireless operation:                               

    •                                                 Web browser WiFi b/g capable device                                       
    •                                                 Optimized experience for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad via HTML5                                       
    •                                                 No internet connection required                                       
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    There is an external drive for the ipad made by Hyperdrive.

    url is http://www.hypershop.com/HyperDrive-s/119.htm

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    I understand your situation, as mine is similar. I plan to travel in Africa for several months. I was hoping to bring the iPad and do not wish to bring another computer. Internet connections will be slow or non-existent in most places.

    I can copy the photos from my camera to the iPad and would like to then back them up to a hard drive.


    I have not found any device where I can copy from the iPad to the device, without using a PC or Mac computer. The Seagate GoFlex, Hyperdrive or Airstash are good for transferring files to the iPad, but not the other way.

    Any one have any creative thoughts?

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    Hello Hemagen


    After doing more research I still have not come up with anything new except buying a MacBook PRO with a HUGE storage capability and transfer data both ways. . . o_o ? Trying to keep the weight and number of things to carry to a minimum.