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I have had my apple tv2 for exactly a week now and it has worked flawlessly. Until now. I was watching a movie from netflix and I had to stop watching it, when I tried to restart to watch it I get an error saying Netflix is currently unavailable and to try back later. I tried back later and got the same error. I read some the other discussions and tried their recommendations. I unplugged it for a few hours and that didn't work. I reset the device as well as restored the device and none of the suggestions worked. I check to see if Netflix worked on my computer and my iPad, which they did. All the other streaming services work as does home sharing.


Any ideas as to why I get this "Netflix is currently unavailable and to try back later" message?

AppleTV 2
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    Your Apple tv2 works fine.  Netflix was down for a few hours.  I could not stream video with my Wii.  Some devices I think worked fine and others would not work at all.  You should be able to stream with you Apple tv2 today.  Netflix said they fixed the problem around 12am on May 10th.

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    Awsome..... Thanks for the info...

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    Hi I've been getting this same error now for about a week on my ATV2  I upgraded my net to a faster speed, bought a new router, restarted everything over and over, called netflix and apple.  Apple says they might have to replace the unit because of possible bad firmware.  What does this mean, i'm pretty simple when it comes to this stuff.  thanks

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    All week my Netflix seem to have insane lag on Apple TV 2. I even plug the router directly into apple tv. Today after I tried to stream Netflix using my ipad 2.This time i turn off mirroring and it work I can stream with little lag. but after 1 episode Netflix just sit there try to buffer the content for like 20min. I turn off airplay on my ipad 2 and try netflix on apple tv2 it give me the message "unavailable". I turn on my xbox 360 it seem fine.


    What I think is Apple don't want Apple fans to watch Netflix using apple tv. They wanted you to go pay $5.99 per episode or per movie on their itunes store.


    **** you Apple so greedy.

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    I have found a solution. Hold down MENU and DOWN keys on the remote for 6seconds. After Apple TV rebooted Netflix should work like before (which lag every 1/5 of a movie).

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    Thanks for the advice! This did reset the apple tv, but unfortunately did not fix my Netflix problem. I was however able to view a recently watched show via the apple tv briefly. Weird. I did contact apple and they are sending a new unit. I hope this fixes it, are lots of users currently having issues like mine?


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    Yeah mine streams to iPhone and ipad2 but not from apple tv to tv. Just frustrating. Roku is sounding better!

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    I have been having the same issue with netflix not accepting my password for about 3 weeks now.  I have tried rebooting/resetting the unit and that has not helped i also tried to reset my netflix password and that did not help either.  any suggestions on what else i can do.