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Recently I keep getting a pop up window that says "To help protect your computer, Apple Web Security have detected Trojans and ready to remove them." From the "Apple Security Center" (?), it says my computer is infected with 65 viruses. and 18 critical threads.Of course, I can click on their icon to repair these. Is this a scam? Ive never heard of this "center" and dont think my apple IMac G5 is infected. Any free way to find out?

iMac, iOS 4.1, Firefox browser
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    Doubtful it'd be legit.


    Don't click anything on the popup.

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    It's a scam, do not respond to unsolicited offers of any kind. No need to do anything if you didn't click on the window or download any files.


    If you see any offers from either MacDefender or MacProtector, do not respond. It's malware.

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    Of course it's a scam.  (The malware authors badly overplayed those malware counts, too, but I digress.)


    Where's the pop-up arising?  Specific web sites, or all over the web?  (More than a few web sites have been breached lately, but then there are a number of sites serving up malware.)


    You'll want to look at loading a Flash-blocking tool into your browser, disabling popups in whatever browser you're using, and you'll likely want to disable Java in the browser, too.


    As a general rule, do not authorize the installation of proffered downloaded tools from any source other than from Apple.  This includes the notorious "required video codec" from a web site purporting to show videos.  (Legitimate video sites will almost always use either Flash or H.264 for video, and you have those.)  And yes, the MacDefender stuff. 


    (Yes, there are many download packages that are legitimate, but the usual sorts of freebies around can also be Trojans.  If you're not sure, look around for feedback before downloading the package.  Or look to use the Mac App Store as a source, or another curated source.)

    So-called Trojans ("Trojan Horses") are easy to implement on Mac OS X and on most other operating systems.  Get somebody to download your malware package, and get them to enter the privileged password to authenticate it, and (as a malware author) you're good to go for whatever you're planning.

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    Hi! I'm new here. I'm getting a message window that says my system is infected and they are offering a fix the

    Mac Protector. To top that off, a Gay website pops up and sometimes a **** website pops up on my screen.

    Needless to say it's very annoying and upsetting that I almost tried to get the software they were selling.

    Anyway when they started asking for all kinds of questions, like credit card number and other personal questions,

    I immediately closed the window and all the other pop up windows. My question is, does this mean I have a virus

    in my computer? Secondly, where do I get this Flash-blocking tool that you mentioned on your posted comment? I am afraid to use my MacBookPro because every time I activate it, the warning window always pop-up. I need your help.

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    I foolishly downloaded and installed it this morning and John's instructions worked perfectly. Here's one of the many discussions posted recently; it's got John288's concise explanation of how to get rid of MacProtector.




    However, I did have to go to the Activity Monitor (Application folder/Utilities/Activity Monitor) and stop MacProtector, which was still active.  Then empty your trash, do one more search for the program on Spotlight, and you should be good.


    The key is to never ever download any program without googling or doing a search on the Discussions to make sure it's not already flagged!  And never enter your password unless it originates from your computer (e.g. permission to download an unknown program from the internet).  If you don't understand what the last bit means, just don't do it without checking here.  There are a lot of people here who are a lot smarter than you and me.

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    Hi chili5, I've just received a similar warning.


    Check this video:



    It is a trojan horse. Once you clic on any button it will download an "anti-malware.zip" file which has a "inavd.pkg" file that should have an anti-malware. In case you've downloaded them, just delete them and empty the trash. Finally, close that tab and contact apple: http://www.apple.com/contact/feedback.html


    Good luck!