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I've just recently bootcamped my Mac and now i have windows 7 and that is working fine but now when I try to get onto Mac Partition it dosent work. I've tried to restart my Mac but it hasn't worked I can't access the Mac Partition it is just stuck on the loading screen when you turn the Mac on and stays like that. How do i fix this or just access the Mac Partition

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.6)
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usually you hold down the Alt/Option-key at startup of your Mac to get the Boot Selection screen.

There you can choose which Operating System to boot into.


Once in OSX you might wanna go to System Preferences - Startup Volume and set your OSX to be the default.


If that's not working you should boot from your OSX Install DVD (holding down the C-key at startup) and use Disk Utility from it to verify/repair your harddisk/OSX.





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