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I'm so frustrated. I'm coming from a PC so still trying to get the hang of iPhoto.


When I try to upload an iPhoto from my MacBook Pro to a facebook wall, two things happen that make me nuts:


1. not all of my albums don't appear when I click to upload directly from FB; i get events or photos, both of which show every single photo in iPhoto so that's crazy to sort thru. I just want to see my albums. Some do show up, but now all of them.


2. when I try to post from iPhoto to FB, I can't post just one photo - a whole string of photos appear along with it (there's an arrow on the right of the photo & if I click on it, the other photos show up. It can even include photos previously posted on that FB wall from long ago. Why on earth is this happening?) Is this just me or is there a glitch.


Just after I successfully posted one photo today, I later tried to upload another photo on that same wall, but I can't seem to access all my iPhotos when I upload from FB. If I try to post from my iPhoto program to FB, I'm unable to post to that particular wall (it's a group that I like/joined) I'm limited to posting on my own wall or a friend, but the group posting doesn't work and I get a box that asks me to specify something else, but there is no place to type anything in. I've just spent the last 2 hrs trying to figure this out and I can't. I've never had trouble with uploading from my PC to FB. I'm really not liking this at all...

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.6)