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  • Leddy Mountbatten Level 1 (30 points)

    If MacKeeper is legit, it's a pity it uses the tactics of spyware and trojans to get itself installed. Often I have had a browser window advertising MacKeeper Pop-up that only offers one possible option in the dialogue box.


    The only way to exit this window has been to Force Quit the browser - not much of an introduction to supposedly legitimate software. If you wish to be treated as ethical software, and not the slimeware that you appear to be (props to WZZZ), then it's about time you grew up and took responsibility for the way you are presenting yourself to users.


    Ethical software does not usually load an installer which gets a user's permission to install, then downloads additional packages from a server. This is more akin to the behaviour of a Trojan.


    I'd be wary of MacKeeper - there are plenty of Freeware utilities that will let you do all of what MacKeeper does.



  • Memoire Level 1 (10 points)

    I recommend you don't believe what some people in this thread have wrote about MacKeeper being safe; MacKeeper was bad news for me, it is system intrusive and it is difficult to remove all the elements; the uninstaller leaves MacKeeper Keywords in the Keychain for example - which is suspicious; along with who know what else. Http: URLs have hacked with embedded MacKeeper adverts that are not evident with https URLs. cookies keep appearing no matter how many times you delete them.

  • kali333 Level 1 (0 points)

    That "little white lighbulb cartoon superhero guy" downloaded something without my permission when i tried to close a pop up ad.


    Mizliz, just so you understand the word "libel", here is a definition:

    libel: Noun: A published false statement that is damaging to a person's reputation.

    Call the internet police if you need to, but i've taken measures to assure that i will never see one of those pop up ads again.


    After much research into this product, a common denominator in every forum thread i have found about it is posters vehemently defending this product while attacking mac users with insults. Hmmm.

  • Memoire Level 1 (10 points)

    Read my experience with this program it was a nightmare. Sana_Paul of offered to answer my questions, butr hasn't.

    My issue was not pop-ups but embedded adverts for MacKeeper in pages that don't carry that advert.


    I believe MacKeeper reputation is already speaking for itself, that is quite negative from my experience.


    Internet police, who would that be? What measure did you take, perhapes you would like to share.


    I haven't seen any thread where posters vehemently defend MacKeeper, rather the opposite. Sana_Paul perhaps is the only one, but he works for Zeobit it seems. He also hasn't gotten around to answering my questions, I wonder why?

  • kali333 Level 1 (0 points)

    Memoire, my post was a direct response to misliz's, so mine might make more sense after reading that one. There is no internet police as far as i know, just as there is nothing libelous about truthful statements regarding one's bad experience with a product that borders on malware.


    I researched this product after it invasively downloaded itself onto my computer today, while i was attempting to delete the pop up. Someone who claims to be Sana Paul, a Zeobit rep, stated in another thread here that clicking on the pop up will not automatically load anything, but will direct you to a page with more info on the product. Not so, in my case. I did not install it, but rather deleted it and emptied my trash.


    Not surprised that they haven't answered your questions. Best of luck to you.

  • Memoire Level 1 (10 points)

    Yes Kali333 you are right, I just read misliz1 post; another Zoebit tech staff it could be assumed, as I have not seen anything positive from a legitimate user of MacKeeper or anyone that ran it on their computer. I have my theories about all this and the progarms purpose and intentions. It is best to make every Mac User aware of the options and the negative experiences those of us that fell for Zoebits social engineering project. The more we keep this subject on the forums the more chance we have of making these people accountable for what they have done to us through screwing with, then injuring/damaging our property, i.e. our computers.

  • Christine_WSU Level 1 (0 points)

    I was immediately suspicious when I got a MacKeeper pop-up and did not click or load anything. Called Apple immediately, but Tech Support is closed. At first was very concerned because I could not seem to "open" Safari--each time I hit my icon, I just got the pop-up instead. Was starting to panic cuz couldn't talk to anyone and couldn't get to this site cuz couldn't open Safari.


    But then I simply closed the popup window (red x in top left corner) and Voila!  Now I get my start page in Safari again. I also checked my system and could not find a trace of MacKeeper in my Applications file--so not sure how the pop-up itself got in.  


    However, am still waiting for callback from Apple Tech Support re how to prevent future pop-ups. 


    Don't know if this helps anyone, but I will inform after I talk to Apple tomorrow at 1:00 pm Pacific.


    PS  Noticed they had a similar "trojan horse" called Mac Defender back in March that they issued a software update for...maybe something similar for this?

  • rkaufmann87 Level 9 (55,283 points)

    Christine the best thing you can do is ignore the popup and update your software which will update your security settings assuming you are on 10.6.x or greater. What version of OS do you run?

  • Memoire Level 1 (10 points)

    Hi Christine_WSU Best thing is not to use Safari unless you are accessing a https URL or using a proxi server otherwise I am not sure how secure safari will be. Did you find any site you normally visit were temporarily unavailable; which is what I experienced - after I could access them the MacKeeper advert was embedded into them. As  WZZZ  recommends, switch to the latest Firefox and set it up with all the security elements; this is what I did for accessing important information where I use passwords.

  • marcg007 Level 1 (5 points)

    Greetings all,


    I actually had an ok experience with MacKeeper and Zeobit.  I decided to try it based on some good reviews I heard on a few different Mac Podcasts.  I downloaded it, tried the demo mode, purchased the full version.  I used my iMac with it for about a week, afterwhich I decided that it was actually using tons of system resources and slowing down my computer.  At that point, I sent an email to the Zeobit folks indicating that I was not satisfied with the product and wanted a refund.  They offered to help me troubleshoot the slowdowns, but I told them that I have a tech support background, had already done some troubleshooting, and just wanted the refund.  The refund appeared within about a week.

    I just did not feel that it was doing anything really useful for me but don't think there is anything wrong with the app per se.  I hope another perspective helps. 





  • Memoire Level 1 (10 points)

    Hi marcg007, would welcome links to the good reviews for MacKeeper, especially if they are unbiased. What was the result of the slow downs from your trouble shooting. If you have a tech support background how did you clear all elements of MacKeeper from your computer, would welcome any details.


    While I have suffered from embedded MacKeeper advers I got my first pop-up today.


    In my case Sana_Paul hasn't replied to my three questions as promised which show that he makes promises he didn't or can't keep.

  • WZZZ Level 6 (12,865 points)

    I think the vast majority of the "good" reviews are phony.

  • kali333 Level 1 (0 points)

    I haven't had a Mackeeper pop up since I downloaded Adblock. You can get it here:

  • heatherfrombixby Level 1 (0 points)

    Thank you all for posting your thoughts on this.  I was having a bit of trouble with my Mac for the first time ever, much as described above.  Not bad.  But a bit.  Saw this pop up, tried the Apple Support (closed), and then read some good reviews elsewhere, so installed.  Seemed to make an initial bit of a difference.  And then the trouble really started.  Long story short, my Mac today was so slow that I had to wait several minutes for even teh most minute of docs to load just so I could put it in the trash in a vain attempt to free up some space so that my beloved mac would run at some level of efficiency.  What posts I was able to read (which were few since I couldn't even scroll down the page in any amount of time that would allow me to even read them), I decided to uninstall it.  Already, working amazing again!  DO NOT BUY THIS! 

    QUESTION for all of you knowledgeable people out there, is there anything else I need to do other than the obvious uninstall (in the trash and cick on uninstall)?  Any hidden spots I should look for to put in the bin?  Thanks for your posts again!  You all saved me!  And today was the one day I did NOT need my Mac to fail me!  You saved me many tears!

  • WZZZ Level 6 (12,865 points)

    See my post in this thread



    Apparently doesn't use Wine any longer.

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