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My iPhone 4 has 4.3.2 (8H7) installed and the phone won't hold a charge for 10 hours. 


It is the oddest thing.  Didn't used to have any problem.  I probalby sync'd last week but this problem has only been noticeable the last 3 days.


Obviously annoying.  Was wondering if this is a known problem?


I did a search and saw people reporting this with 4.3.1 but have not seen any obvious fixes for this.


Note, I did just receive a replacement phone from Apple 3 weeks ago.  I'm not sure if I was given a refurbished unit and the state of the battery.  I have been keeping bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Locations Services off once I see the battery life dropping.  Doesn't seem to really help once it goes "red"


Thanks for any help!

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    Posting a reply to my own post in case anyone else finds this in a search...


    Last night I installed the updates for all my apps.  ("Update All")

    I also sync'd my iPhone which gave me the 4.3.3 iOS update.


    I'm not sure if its' just a fluke, but battery performance seems normal today.  Hopefully it was just a bad app in there, but if the problem returns (I may not have the same things running today) I'll post back.