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I've tried asking our local Apple Genius Bar about this, but they weren't able to help me.  Here's the problem:


I've upgraded to Snow Leopard on my late 2006 Mac Pro last year and changed my daily user account from Administrator to User.  I run the Stanford Folding@Home on this Mac 24x7, so it is always on and awake.  I noticed that I stopped getting notified that Software Updates were available.  I regularly check the Internet Storm Center and they announce OS X updates as well as the Microsoft updates.  When I run Software Update, I am challenged for my Administrator account and password (as I would expect) after which the program checks for updates and identifies the updates that are available.


My question to the Genius was why do I have to run this manually when I have set the Software Update preferences to Check for updates Weekly and Download updates automatically is checked?  I have checked this setting from both my user account as well as my Administrator account and they both show the same settings.


Since then, I've added a Mac Mini running Snow Leopard and I set it up with an Administrative Supervisor account and User accounts for all of the family.  The Mac Mini never notifies us of updates, either.  Plus, I supply tech support for my in-laws' Macs and they all exhibit the same behavior.  This has been around since OS X 10.6.3 (the first version I installed) and every update since.  So, obviously, I know how to configure a Mac to break Software Update, but how do I "fix" them to let everyone know that it's time to update the Macs?


Thanks for any help you can lend me.

Mac Pro 2.66 GHz, Mac OS X (10.6.5), Mac Mini C2D 2.53 GHz (10.6.5)
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    The software update can be run within a Standard users account it they have an administrators user name and password.  I am thinking that if you set a schedule for an standard user and the account is logged on then software update will not attempt because that use don't have the privileges to change system information.  The Software Update schedule is saved separately for each user of a Mac.  Try leaving the administrators account log in and see if it works.  Note: Thus another user's account may automatically download updates even when your account has them disabled.