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My daughter received a 4G itouch for Christmas last year.  The home button is non responsivle.  Is there a quick fix or do I have to send it in for repairs?

iPod touch
  • E. Chan Level 1 (30 points)

    Hi meersn,


    Maybe u can try to switch off and switch it on again to see will fix or not. If not, restore it by using iTunes.


    If the symptom persist,  consult Apple service centre for further assistance.



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    i have the same problem.  it seems like the button is stuck.  It is out of warrenty and I have no idea how much Apple would charge to fix it or if I can fix it myself.


    Any advice out there????

  • lauriefromnorthville Level 1 (10 points)

    there might be a bit of food or something stuck in the button. try taking it to an apple store to see what they say. the apple store repaired my sisters ipod for free hopefully they do the same for all of you.



    hope this helps!!!

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    Well here is the thing the home button works with a thin pice of tin foil like material under the home button then which makes a contact to the actuall iPod and completes the circit. When that tin foil like thing is moved alittle bit it does what you have been saying, I have that same exact problem and I can't really do anything about it because I dont want to open the iPod and fix it. What I suggest (if you have a warnty still) is go make a genius bar apointment and tell them that the iPod home button doesn't work. The person might say some thing of what you can do but there is kinda high chance he will replace it. Good Luck.