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I have had an issue for the past week where itunes keeps telling me the store is down, try later. Yet I go into my account and it shows I have stuff to download.

Well today my laptop is not longer authorized and I cannot get it to re-authorize. What the heck?

I have tried everything on the Apple Support site and even uninstalled and reinstalled the program again.


Anyone else having this issue or had this issue and got it fixed?

HP, Windows 7
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    I have tried everything on the Apple Support site and even uninstalled and reinstalled the program again.


    Doublechecking. Has that included the following document?


    iTunes repeatedly prompts to authorize computer to play iTunes Store purchases

  • Telythugy Level 1 Level 1

    Triedd it all. I spent about an hour doing everything I could find online. Finally had to call Apple Support where I spent about 2 hours with them and we could not get the issues solved. The lady who I was dealing with said she is going to look more into the matter.

    It seems my issue is one of a kind. Nothing we did fixed it.

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    Im having the exact same problem on my laptop. It's driving me insane. I authorise, ity says I am authorised but when I try play something I'm stuck in an infinte loop of having to reauthorise. I have 10.4.1 iTunes running 10.7.1

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    Hate to break this to you, but I found only one solution to the problem, total wipe of the hard drive and fresh install.

    My problem started after a Windows update went bad. Happened to me twice with 2 different updates. Windows worked fine, but iTunes never did work right, constant authorization loop.

    I was on the phone with Apple support for 2 hours, and they had no idea of the problem, or how it could have happened.

    We did an uninstall of iTunes and MobileMe and Bonjour, restart the machine, install all the stuff again and BAM still same issues.

    I just wiped my drive, did a fresh install of everything and the problem is all gone.

    Course I probably just jinxed myself by saying this.

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    I'm replying from my personal account. Reinstalling is just not an option. I don't have a day to get to back a useable state. If I can find where apple stores the authorisation data I can get closer to resetting that entire area. I'm really having a spate of bad luck. I think I jinxed myself by saying that I couldnt imagine my day getting worse. Thanks for your reply. If I find a solution and I'll try my hardest, I'll post it here.

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    Sorry for the delay in posting this. I had to do a bit of research to find the store location of authorised iTunes accounts.


    Here is the solution to this problem:


    Deauthorise your account(s)


    Close iTunes.


    In 10.6 and later, in terminal type: sudo chmod 1777 /Users/Shared


    Then delete this folder: /Users/Shared/SC


    Reboot your mac


    Authorise your account and the problem is fixed.



    Cecil Pickard