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Ive been trying to sync my iPhone calendar with the Gmail calendar on my iPhone but i cannot get this to work. neither way. ive been searching the web for hours now, been to many google websites which are suppose to help with this but it wont work.


websites ive been looking at is:





Any help would be much appreciated!



Edit: the iPhone calendar works perfect with my MobileMe account, but I want it on Gmail as well ( if not both is possible I would prefer Gmail )

PC/Mac, Windows 7, I use a Windows 7 Computer and a Macbook Pro
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    I tryed to add my gmail account to the microsoft exchange as it says in on of the links above, but the only thing that happend was that i got all of the email contact on gmail addon on my iPhone, which was really annoying since i cant call an email adress.


    Anothing thing I would like to add is that i also would like to sync my contacts to Gmail.


    I am fully aware that I have MobileMe, but I would like to have it synced to Gmail because thats what I use each day and I have 2-step-authentication.